A gift from my daughter

Christmas this year was all about my family, my friends and my neighbors. Thankfully, I got to spend time with everyone in my immediate family. Starting mid-December, my long time friend (of 55 years!), my sister and her husband drove up from Florida to spend a few days with us. Our local town was sponsoring a drive-by light show (all viewed from the safety of our car) which my sister and I bought tickets to see. So, after a dinner of my infamous lasagna, we all hopped into our pick up truck and viewed the show. The light show did NOT disappoint. It was lovely.

DH and I received three unexpected (and much needed/wanted) gifts this year. The first was a gift certificate to Aldi’s from one of our dear neighbors. Next was a gift of Omaha Steaks from my sister and BIL. Next, my oldest daughter and SIL bought DH and I a gift fruit basket from Harry & David. Needless to say, hubby and I ate very well this holiday season!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, DH and I spent at home. Normally on Christmas Eve we would cook up the feast of the seven fishes. This year we went very simply. Hubby cooked up a marinara based sauce with calamari served over linguine. Christmas Day we sautéed two filet mignon steaks (encased in bacon!) from our Omaha Steak gift set.

The day after Christmas, DH and I had dinner with my youngest daughter, my SIL #2 and my granddaughter. My daughter did most of the cooking. DH helped a bit. It was a simple but delicious meal, perfectly cooked. We exchanged gifts with our granddaughter. It was a very special day.

Lastly, my oldest daughter, my SIL#1 and my granddaughter came up for a few days after Christmas. They were on their way further up the mountain to go skiing (for the first time) and stayed with us for two days before doing so. I made my usual lasagna one day (I’m starting to get requests for this now! LOL!) I also made a slow-cooker pulled pork, baked Mac and cheese and fresh Cole slaw. SIL bought some brioche rolls for the pork. The meals were great. Breakfast was French Toast one morning and scrambled eggs with a side of bacon the next. Then off they went skiing.

I didn’t think I could enjoy myself this holiday season. Not with all the negative news, the rapid rise in covid cases, the constant increases in inflation costs and the constant reminders that an economic collapse was right around the corner. Yet, there we are: being with friends and family, cooking and sharing meals together, enjoying each others company and simply being grateful for the special time we could all be together. Note: daughter #2, before she would let us into her apartment, gave us two rapid covid test kits. We had to test negative before she would open up her front door to us!!

I suppose for now, this is about all we can do. Take each day as it rolls around. Stay careful and vigilant. Stay up to date with our boosters (everyone is vaccinated). And keep praying for an end to this awful pandemic we are all experiencing. God save us…..everyone.

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