DH and I cooked up a storm yesterday. To bring in the New Year we cooked up a big batch of lentil soup (served with brown rice) To the Italians, lentils are supposed to bring in prosperity. I’m just hoping for balance. We promised the mail person a batch of brownies (with walnuts) for New Year’s Eve and we didn’t disappoint them. They think my brownies are da’ bomb. I don’t have the heart to tell them it’s the .85cents box of brownie mix from Aldi. My secret is I bake them in a smaller pan so they then come up creamy and chewy. Works like a charm!

I had a bunch of cooked turkey breakfast sausage leftover from everyone’s morning meal. Rather than freeze them and hope for a recipe, I again made my ‘quiche of the week‘. This time, however, in addition to including the leftover sausage, I blended in some leftover ricotta from all the lasagnas I baked over the holidays and some other cheese crumbs from the charcuterie board.

Other great meals I cooked this past week are pictured below. I plan on trying a few new recipes come 2022. I seem to be preferring down home, southern cooked meals lately. I tried my hand at chicken fried steak (substituting chicken instead of the beef) complete with white gravy and it came out fairly well, considering it was my first try. My gravy came out a bit brownish but that was only because I sautéed the butter a bit too long. Will definitely prepare the meal again! I made a giant pot of slow-cooker beef stew served with smashed potatoes (self smashed). One night we had stir fry broccoli and chicken over brown rice (love that brown rice!) topped with Asian duck sauce. Christmas Eve hubby made a calamari fish sauce over linguine. Christmas Day we had our gifted filet mignons (encased in bacon….yes please!) with a side baked potato (topped with light sour creme) and green string beans.

It was a lovely year of eating healthy, cost-efficiently while all the while remaining wealthy. We didn’t break our food budget as badly as I thought we would. We worked together. We shopped together. DH and I planned our meals together, always with the emphasis on cost and health. I hope, in this regard, we were at least inspirational to some of you out there.

Have a great and prosperous, healthy, New Year!

And never, ever…..forget the lasagna!!!

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