I’m going to do my best to report just the facts and contain my wrath. We retirees on a fixed income have been pummeled with some very hard hitting blows now under the demented watch of President Joe Biden. If I knew what he was saying, I would repeat it. But since I can never understand his mumbled train of thought, I’m going to go on feelings rather than rhetoric. Now with one year of the presidency under Uncle Joe’s belt, I have to ask myself: Is my life better under Biden than it was under Trump?

The only good thing I can think of (if you consider this a good thing or not) is that I don’t have to read any more mean tweets (and I am NOT referring to the ones Trump doled out). If that has made my life better (it hasn’t) then, so be it! From the first 30 minutes Joe Biden was inaugurated into office, with his first operative of shutting down the XL Pipeline, my life and the lives of my fellow Americans has been nothing short of a downward spiral with absolutely no end in sight.

There’s a reason why Biden’s approval ratings have dropped to 33% (click here) and there’s the same reason why Democrats are jumping their party and hopping onto the GOP Express (click here). It’s because America doesn’t want the likes of the Progressive Agenda clogging up their arteries. President Joe Biden has failed on every single count in his first term in office. Can you imagine what the next three years under Biden are going to be like?

Biden seems to read the teleprompter better out of his left eye.

One good thing about numbers is they don’t lie. They are what they are. More people have died of covid and/or gotten sick and hospitalized with covid-19 under Biden than the previous year we had under Trump. Biden was supposed to be the person who was to relieve us of covid. Instead? Things have just gotten worse over this past year. How many companies have gone under? How many businesses have declared bankruptcy because the government didn’t consider them to be essential? How many people lost their jobs? Quit their jobs? Or simply just walked away? How many landlords lost their rental properties because the government protected tenants instead? How many kids are out of school? How many teachers left their profession? How many people found themselves getting poorer and poorer due to the rising costs of just about everything on this planet? Who doled out trillions and trillions of dollars thinking that would calm the masses from the financial effects of covid only to see the results of higher inflation, supply chain disruptions and now, food shortages? Who is hoping to dole out even more worthless printed paper money in entitlements to the masses who don’t deserve such leniency? Whose law and order policies have led to more and more Americans being afraid to step outside of their homes for fear of being killed or worse yet, being pushed in front of a speeding train? Ain’t Superman, that’s for sure.

To those of us who voted for Trump back in 2016, our lives were made a bloody hell. My kids wouldn’t talk to me nor would they let me see my grandchildren for two years. I had to hire an attorney just to get visitation rights to see my own granddaughters. Then I had to hire a psychiatrist simply to get my daughters into therapy so we could become a family again. For what? Because I voted for someone who was lied about and cheated about from the moment the sun rose in the morning till after the sun set at night? And then some? Hatred of Trump is all the Democrats have going for themselves today. We see now how the children of Trump are being dragged in to court as a last plea of desperation the Democrats are feeling now that they have lost all credibility.

Before you spew me comments of hate and despair, just note that I didn’t vote for any candidate this last election. Oh, I filled out a write-in ballot and dropped it off early at the voting booth in my locality. I was given a website to follow my ballot but guess what? Once I dropped that ballot into that voting box, I never heard from it ever again. How would I? I live in New York State, the most corrupt state in the union, falling right behind California. Oh, I could have walked into the voting booth and physically pulled the lever but by this time in history, I was so disgusted with America I stayed home and voted for no one. What for? Whomever won would have destroyed my life (and yours) either way.

Some notable numbers from Biden’s first year as per The Associated Press (click here):

—63.5% vaccination rate. Most Americans got jabbed. Countries with higher vaccination rates: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. So, in other words, America is last.

—3.9% jobless rate. The low unemployment rate is a big highlight of Biden’s first year. Employers added 6.4 million jobs last year as unemployment dropped well below the 4.6%. If anyone believes this, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn NY to sell you. 

—7% inflation. In running the economy hot, Biden got burned as inflation reached a nearly 40-year high. Higher prices led to disapproval of Biden’s economic leadership. Gasoline and groceries cost more, and some notable economists said higher prices were a sign that Biden’s relief package was too large. If anyone believes this, I’ve got that same bridge as listed above in Brooklyn NY to sell you. Biden caused this mess. He handed out free money, telling people to go out and buy crap and then blames those same people for high inflation, the supply chain bottleneck, labor shortages and the higher energy costs. Like duh? If the rate of wholesale prices are up 9.2%, how could our retail end inflation rate only be 7%. Do the math. At least most of us went to school! We’re paying double digit inflation rates!

—$1 trillion. The cost of Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law, which includes $550 billion in new spending. To get an agreement, Biden pulled back from the $2.3 trillion he initially proposed. He separately proposed $1.8 trillion for a package of social and climate initiatives, but that was modified and unable to clear the Senate. This was the cause of high inflation, supply chain bottleneck, higher gas and energy prices and now upcoming food shortages.

—13 deaths. The number of U.S. troops who died in a suicide bombing at the gate of Kabul’s airport during the U.S. evacuation of more than 124,000 people from Afghanistan. At least 169 Afghans were killed, with the evacuations leaving scores of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghan allies behind. This failed evacuation caused the whole world to think of America as less than what it used to be. It left us weak and all our lives in peril. Mark my words: war with Russia and Ukraine is inevitable. It’s simply a matter of time before Biden will have pulled America into a war.

—1.78 million border crossings in the Southwest. Migrants began streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border once Biden became president. There were 1.78 million encounters with border agents during his first 10 full months, a four-fold increase compared with President Donald Trump’s last 10 months in office. Have these migrants been vaccinated? Are they being compelled to wear masks? Where are they now living? NYC just gave these migrants the right to vote in their local elections once they prove 30 days of residency.

—20 natural disasters. There were 20 extreme weather and climate disasters that each caused damages in excess of $1 billion and killed a combined 688 people. These included a drought, two floods, 11 severe storms, four tropical cyclones, a wildfire and a winter storm. Adjusted for inflation, the U.S. has averaged 7.4 disasters annually since 1980 that caused $1 billion or more in losses. Ka-ching. Ka-ching. Ka-ching. If you’re waiting for the government to bail you out and help rebuild your homes and neighborhoods, News Flash: America is broke.

Now, I’m not stating whether I like or prefer one candidate over the other. I’m a registered Independent. That means I have always voted for whomever I thought was good for the position. I don’t favor any party nor candidate. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong. We were promised that if Biden got elected America would come together, unite, light a peace pipe and live in future harmony. Have we? I don’t think so. Not only has life in America gotten worse but we still have to endure the constant Trump rhetoric from the moment we wake up in the morning till the moment we go to sleep at night. That’s if you can get any sleep. As far as I am concerned, we’re still in a mess, we’re still living in fear of dying from covid-19 only this go-around has us poorer, more depressed and more despondent than how we lived a year prior.

In the last six months, I’ve had to make some very drastic changes to my life, thanks mostly in part to the higher costs of living expenses. I’ve had to cut, go without, make sacrifices and at times cry into my pillow at night. All, for what? Life under Trump had way more freedom than the chains that bind me now. You can’t keep the light on for fear of a higher bill. You have to ration your food intake for fear of running low or worse yet, out. You can’t drive your car for long distances anymore because you can’t afford the gas. Nor the tolls! You can’t raise your thermostat for fear of running out of energy. You have to bundle up while living inside your own home. That’s if you still have a home. Rising housing costs have pushed thousands and thousands of people out to living on the streets. No one is reporting about the cuts many families have made to their food bill. No one is showing the empty food pantries, the closing banks, the closing businesses, the decline in open restaurants. People, if we pulled away the curtain, we’d see that we are really living in the worst depression of all time. Our lives are being upheld by a government intent on printing up more worthless paper money while creating a false image that life in these here United States is fine and dandy. It’s not! We can’t go anywhere unless we are wearing a new, revamped N95 mask. We have mandates telling us what to eat (meatless burgers) How to think (critical race theory) What to drive (plug in that EV to an electrical power grid that is in dire need of an upgrade!) What to think (if you don’t you’re a racist, you’re biased, you’re a loser).

Do we even know what is the truth anymore? Is there anyone or anything that we still believe in? For me, that question I can answer. I still believe in God. I still believe in Jesus Christ. I still believe in my faith and I do believe that God is more powerful than any government mandate on Planet Earth. Other than my belief in hope and prayer, I have no other solutions.

Here’s our future. We will probably wind up living in places that look a lot like Los Angeles as more and more of this economic nightmare unfolds:

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