I am starting to see the food shortages that many people have been talking about. Sometimes you don’t believe things till it happens to you. But there it is. Food shortages. For three weeks now my fave grocery store, Aldi, didn’t have my favorite dairy, real milk coffee creamer ($2.09). Hazelnut is my preferred flavor BUT at this point, I’d buy any flavor. I tried two other grocery stores and no luck. That gave me pause. So, I bit the bullet and substituted non-diary coffee creamer ($1.79) in the hazelnut category (just loaded with crap I shouldn’t be consuming). But at least my coffee is tasting somewhat decent these mornings. Oh well.

I only bought one loss leader this week. Shop Rite had 80/20% chopped beef on sale for $3.49 a pound and if you used your store card, you got an extra $1.00 off per pound. There was a limit however. You could only buy five (5) pounds at the $2.49 sale price. I purchased two packs, with a total weight of 5.79 pounds. I got the full sale amount of $2.49 on both orders. Score!

The first thing I did when I got the chopped beef home was cook up two burgers for hubby and me and a few scraps for our doggie. She deserved a treat too! The rest, I weighed out in 1.25 pound packs and put them in air-tight freezer bags. I pressed the meat down as flat as I could so all four packs would fit nice and comfy in our freezer.

It was a really good (and tasty) food shopping day.

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