In my never-ending search to fine me a bargain, I decided, in these inflationary times, to try shopping for my daily essentials at Ocean State Job Lot instead of either WalMart or The Dollar Store. Even though things are very, very cheap at The Dollar Store (now the $1.25 Dollar Store) because items are packaged in much smaller quantities, technically you really are being overcharged for items at The Dollar Store when compared ounce per ounce somewhere else (such as at WalMart or Job Lot).

This isn’t me in this photo, but you get the idea.

I’ve been keeping a running list of what household items I need and rather than order them from WalMart or Amazon, I decided to get in the car and actually go shopping. The closest Odd Lot to me is about a 30minute drive but well worth it. I’ve been averaging shopping at Odd Lot about once per month. They have some great items and if you sign up for their reward card, you automatically get a weekly email notifying you what items are on a super sale, pre-loaded onto your reward card thus saving you more money (provided you need those items). The best part is all food items to those over the age of 62 are permanently discounted an additional 20%, every day! Needless to say, I’ve been buying all my snack items and spices at Job Lot! There’s also a good array of pasta, related sauces and canned goods at Odd Lot but I digress.

Here’s a recent spreadsheet account of my latest shopping experience at Job Lot. When I compared their prices to WalMart, I calculated I was saving almost 30%. That’s a decent rate of return for saving money today.

The one thing I couldn’t get over was the price of a common, every day cleaner, Ajax. I remember buying a can of Ajax for less than a dollar. Not any more. I knew prices for cleaning products were on the rise but I hadn’t realized by how much. Going forward, hubs and I will be a little bit more judicious scrubbing out the tub and all the other porcelain or stainless steel items we have inside our home. Who knew? (Side Note: The Green Glass Cleaner was out of stock at both WalMart and Lowe’s with no set date if or when the product would return to the store shelves or for home delivery)

The price is for two cans, making a single 21 oz can of Ajax $4.08!!!

Shopping at Odd Lot, for me, is a lot of fun. Everyone loves a good bargain and I’m no stranger to that. I do, however, advise anyone to buy only what you need not what you see. I shop with a list and I stick to it. Comparison shopping right now is ideal considering how wild some prices for everyday products are fluctuating. I don’t mind buying discontinued items or product close-outs. This is NOT the time to be fussy. It’s more of a time to find what you need, at the best price possible and then get out with your wallet intact.

Good luck with that!

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