For the last few weeks, outside temperatures have been hovering in the single digits. More like zero degrees fahrenheit to be accurate. Because of the low temps hubby and I have been bear caving in front of our pellet stove at home in order to keep warm. Today, the temps reached up to 35F degrees and to us, it felt downright tropical. The sun was shinning and DH and I said we had to get out of the house and go for a walk. For some reason, I wanted to go back to one of our old stomping grounds, the Riverwalk in downtown Kingston, NY. I wanted to see the river and I wanted to be in the sun. I thought for sure other people had the same idea. They didn’t. The trail wasn’t plowed but was thin and melted enough for us to make our way along the riverfront walkway. I had a $25 Dunkin’ Donut Reward Card and bought us two decaf cappuccino’s to sip along our walk while it kept us nice and warm. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

I couldn’t get over how frozen the river outlet was. In order to stop the docks from freezing, the marina there pumps water upwards. It makes a nice little refuge for the ducks and seagulls and yes, it keeps the docks from freezing over. In any event, it was breathtaking to see the enormous ice chucks floating on top of the river.

The ducks:

Photo Gallery:

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