It took my sister less than 30 days to sell her 2500 square foot home in Sarasota and buy a 3500 square foot home in Sarasota. The ‘new’ house has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, part of which is a separate mother and daughter apartment (but there is no mother nor daughter) only a sister. And two other lifelong friends from back in the cold and frigid northeast who will be joining us. We all got invites to come celebrate with my sister and stay as long as we’d like (within reason). They’re staying a week. I’m staying three weeks. All men banished. It’s going to be a regular ‘Sex And The Senior City‘ romp fest.

The Gulf of Mexico

And Just Like That, I’m concentrating on spending a few weeks back in the Florida sunshine and I am not spending a dime. I was able to book a round trip ticket using some of my old, unused frequent flyer miles (covered the ticket taxes too). I’m not checking in any luggage, so no baggage fees. I’m packing a set of ear phones so I don’t have to buy a pair on the plane to listen to a movie. I’m bringing an empty chill bottle so I can fill it up with free water once I pass the TSA. I’m packing a sandwich and a snack. My sister is picking me up at the airport so no cabs or car rentals. I’m being gifted my own bedroom and bath (my sister is buying me this mattress that I love, love, love) so no hotel fees. The pool is right outside the back sliding glass doors. Anna Maria Island and Long Boat Key are an EV wish away.

Yes, please

And I haven’t spent a dime.

My sister told me they opened an Aldi right down the road so I’ll be up bright and early the next morning to do some of my fave shopping without worrying about money, budgets, inflation and the costs of every little thing. I’m getting a break from reality and I’m going to be with two of my dearest friends from the ‘old county’ (Brooklyn, NY) at the same time. The two ladies (who are also sisters) have been friends with my sister and I for over 55 years! We all grew up together. We have similar backgrounds. Are first generation Americans. Both sets of parents came to the USA as Italian immigrants and became multi-millionaires.

The only sad part (to me) is that my friends and sister remained millionaires while I chose experiences instead of making money like they did. It can be a little intimidating at times, but you know me? I can hang with the best of them and put on a very good, honest show. They think I’m super conservative and a genius with money. I say I just want to live and let live and not comparison shop myself with the imaginary Joneses. The whole thing usually works out perfectly, and you know what?……………………

I haven’t spent a dime. Yet!

My sister needed the larger property because she is moving her award-winning photography business inside her home. She thought of renting commercial space but she wanted her studio inside her home. The mother/daughter set up is just fine because she is going to use the separate apartment as her studio. Her clients are already asking her when her new studio will be open. We girls just wanna have some fun before the reality needs to settle down. In the meantime, all husbands are staying in their own homes (my BIL is spending the time at his dad’s house). So, it will be just us ladies.

And Just Like That: three weeks in the sun during the most brutal winter the northeast has ever seen.

I’ll be posting my travel photos to my Instagram account (CiphersFromCindi) as soon as I am settled. They’ll be visible on the upper right hand side of my blog. Stay tuned.

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