Well, we got ourselves into a fine mess, haven’t we? Biden is on the brink of warring with Russia. A barrel of oil is on the brink of reaching $100. And you and I are on the brink of getting through yet another crisis. Our misery index is probably nearing 99.9%. What to do?

Cope. That’s about all we can do.

Getting our budgets to balance meant eliminating a streaming service or getting a revised cell phone plan. Today? Were nearer to choosing between eating or heating. Don’t be fooled. Pain is on the way, regardless of who you are or what financial status you have in this life. Pain is on the way.

I’m still on a no-spend vacation and unfortunately the people who are vacationing with me wanted to go out to dinner every night. I tagged along and was shocked when I saw the prices being charged. All meat dished were $45. Chicken was $35. Pasta was $25 to $27. I ordered an appetizer, a bowl of soup and a cup of decaf and got hit with a $34 bill. Scary. Thankfully these friends are back home so I am continuing my no-spend journey at my sister’s home (I did contribute $100 to our house food bill). Nonetheless, people seem to be oblivious to our impending doom.

The first call to order is to secure a roof over your head. Next comes food, utilities ( water and electricity) transportation and access to medical care. Once you realize that almost 80% of the rest of the world does not have these life benefits you will realize what is most important in your life. If possible, try to save enough cash as possible. Even if not more than five dollars, save it nonetheless.

For more coping skills, I highly recommend this video from The Frugal Queen Of France: