Most people today are so absorbed in securing housing, putting food on the table, gas in the tank and paying their energy bills, that in all honesty, they probably don’t give a rats behind in how you look, what you’re wearing or what you’re driving. In other words, in our current society, no one cares if you’re rich or poor.

So, put away your stuff. You are wasting your time. Your frivolous days are over. Your way of life has come to an end. And no one will notice your demise. How can they? Survival is primo important to most now. And I say good riddance to them.

How much money have we wasted over our lives pursuing a dream, a career, or a lifestyle? What does it all mean now? Was it that important in retrospect? have we finally prioritized whats truly important in our lives or are we still trying to invent ourselves?

I have enjoyed these last two weeks of my low-spend vacation. i spent most of my time thinking and reflecting. What was I all about? What was or is my purpose in life? I also spent a lot of time regretting choices I never made. I came to realize its almost very late for me now. I wasted a lot of time making some wrong decisions. I wasted a lot of time on meaningless stuff.

You want to look rich during this inflationary crisis? Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair. Wear comfortable clothes. Drive a fuel efficient vehicle or take mass transit. Be kind to everyone you meet. Be honest and thank God for every blessing He bestows on you. Judge people by their soul not their possessions. For in the end all that will be left is you. Most assuredly , not your stuff.

Written on my iPhone while waiting to board a plane that will be taking me back to all the madness and the chaos I left behind.