Now that Putin has dropped the A Bomb on all of us, figuratively speaking of course, it may be time to put down our loss leader shopping lists, our bulk cooking techniques and our frugal money ways. We’re dealing with something a bit more serious. Something like: total annihilation. Maybe not in our own backyards. Yet. But Houston, I think we have a problem. A big problem. A very big problem.

I think most of us can identify with the Ukraine people. I think we can understand what it means to have food shortages since we seem to be experiencing the same thing, although we’re not the ones at war. I think many of us now know what it’s like not to have heating in our homes. Maybe our reason is because of the higher costs of energy. Nonetheless, we can now understand what it means not to have electricity or a roof over our heads. Homelessness and evictions are rampant currently in the US now that the rent moratoriums have ended.

What we all need now is courage and that is clearly visible in the Ukraine people. Every single one of them is showing the world what it takes to be brave. What it takes to stand up for yourself, not give in to bullies and not have anyone take away your home or your land. The future world every single one of us must now face going forward will need our stamina, bravery and much courage. Anyone out there who is still giving out lame-brain advice (like shopping for loss leaders or how to use leftovers in leftover pie) is in denial. We’re in real trouble, people. For the first time in like forever, we’re facing a mad man who has a finger on an atom bomb. If Putin doesn’t get his way, he may just blow us all to Kingdom Come.

Putin gives the world the middle finger!

It’s time for people to toss aside their political differences and learn to band together and stand up for ourselves. When we come to realize our differences are petty, perhaps we can finally show courage, bravery and humanitarianism in the face of the dangers that are slowly creeping all around us.

It’s been a long time since I have seen courage. It’s been an even longer time that I had to listen and endure an endless stream of excuses on why things couldn’t make common sense anymore. We are going to be learning new ways. Many of the old ways will no longer apply. We have to face cyberattacks, social media bullying, propaganda, supply shortages, bank closures and the displacement of millions of our fellow men, women and children. Don’t be swayed that we Americans won’t be facing fighting on our own soil. We just might.

The Ukraines are showing us all how to be brave. Take pause because the lesson is well needed. Say a prayer, yes, but watch, look, learn and listen. And know that we all are in this together. We need to fight.

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