If you missed my vacation photos on my Instagram account, perhaps you can catch up with them here. With all the turmoil going on in the world right now, I was a bit hesitant to even discuss my vacation adventures. I seem to have a different set of priorities going forward.

I have to say that my vacation changed me as I knew it would. In addition to spending time with my sister in her new Sarasota home, we were also joined with three of our friends (also sisters) who we have known for over 55 years! It was priceless to reconnect with our friends from the ‘old neighborhood’. My sister’s new home boasts six bedrooms and five bathrooms, so it was a very comfortable and spacious vacay for all of us. Besides, it was very nice to be having an all-girls vacation, just like we used to do in our younger days!

Most of the time was either spent at the beach or more so at the local community pool. Most nights the ladies and I went out to dinner. My sister had mastered the Insta Pot, and she managed two great dinners at home. We attended a polo match and a Greek festival on our off days. Lots of laughs. Lots of secrets. Lots of fun. If we weren’t at the beach or pool, we were either playing tennis or shopping. It was a much deserved vacation for me, in the end. Nothing gets me back to center then spending a few days in the sun and the fun. It’s amazing how the beach just gets me right as rain.


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