It’s getting harder and harder for me to keep my sanity and write this blog at the same time. What kind of a lunatic society am I living in? How can any of us support or have supported an administration that cut off our energy independence and then goes begging our enemies to supply us with oil? America isn’t ready for EV automobiles or for windmills nor solar for that matter to support over 340,000,000 million people. How can anyone not accept the fact that Uncle Joe has made America weak and all of us are going to suffer the consequences of his actions (or non-actions for that matter!)??????

The politicians that many of us have elected are destroying us. So much so that I have often wondered if this isn’t being done on purpose. When I was back in school, studying world history, I remember distinctly learning how a dictatorship could take over a country. First they would starve them out; then they would destroy their livelihoods. Eventually the populace would be so beaten down that they would beg the government to save them. Thus the dictatorship government would take over. Sound familiar?

There is no doubt that the actions of President Joe Biden has made America weaker and the laughing stock of the world. Don’t believe it? Look at how others laugh and talk about us:

We Americans have a tough road ahead of us. The monstrous higher gas and fuel prices coming our way are going to slowly destroy us. Our whole economy is based on fossil fuels. Without it, we can not grow our crops (as fertilizer is based on fossil fuel) we can not deliver products or much needed goods and services. High fuel costs are going to cripple us. It will affect our electricity bills (mine went up 44% this past week). It will affect our ability to heat our homes, our businesses, our livelihoods. Fuel shortages are going to make the pandemic look like a walk in the park by the time it gets through with us (if ever?)

This is all uncharted territory to me. I can’t conjure up any financial advice or words of wisdom to pass on to anyone. We’re all going to have to get through this by the seat of our pants. There are so many jerks out there attempting to give us advice that it’s excruciatingly painful to listen to any of them. This is NOT a throw back to the 1929 Great Depression. Cooking up a bowl of lentils isn’t going to help anyone. Not when we are facing a World War III and the possibility of a nuclear attack. I think we all know by now that there is nothing off the table of what we can expect to happen to us. We’re in deep doo doo and there is no savior to politically come and get us out of this mess. Contrary to religious beliefs, Jesus ain’t coming.

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