I don’t have to reverberate and tell you about the higher costs of fuel and energy coming our way. I don’t have to discuss our standing in line to buy limited amounts of groceries. And just like that, in the blink of an eye, without even receiving a fuel delivery, simply overnight the price for gas has shot up to an almost unaffordable price. And just like that, I was shocked to see so many empty shelves at my local Aldi grocery store. It was only Tuesday afternoon at 2PM when I encountered all of this:


Every day I see things getting worse and worse. Many of my bills have increased. There will come a time, at this rate, when I won’t be able to pay my already thinned-out bills. Then there is the threat of a nuclear holocaust. Which American city will be Target Number One? Our life expectancies have gone down due to covid. How many more years will be cut off our revised life span due to this new-found stress of war?

It took almost the rest of the afternoon for my husband and I to shop at three other grocery stores just to ascertain our much needed necessities. We finally found milk. It was priced at almost double what Aldi used to sell it at. Life just got a little harder for us. And perhaps, a little shorter.

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