I may not be Irish but I like a good parade and a celebration just as much as the next person does. I knew there was going to be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year (as we didn’t have one for the past two years due to Covid) so I made sure not to miss the parade this year as it was finally on schedule. I knew the parade was between 1PM and 3PM, so hubby and I made our way to the fairground around 2PM. Unfortunately, we didn’t change our clocks (especially in the car) so 2PM was really 3PM and the parade was over. Not to be disappointed, there were lots and lots of people wearing the green, dilly dallying around for me to get a few photos in the mix.

We also didn’t want to miss out on all that Irish food but at those local restaurant prices ($15 for a corned beef sandwich!) we decided to do a quick stop at Shop Rite as ALL their Irish delicacies were on a super discount sale. We got corned beef for only $1.99 a pound (we bought a 2.33 lb corned beef for only $4.63). Potatoes and cabbage were also on sale and we got a 1 pound bag of carrots for only .99 cents!.

Here’s our early dinner. I must say, it was delish. I got the last half-loaf of real rye and pumpernickel bread ($2.35). I think an angel left it for me on the empty rye bread shelves, as I was the only one who found it! I had a bit of real mustard dressing left in the fridge which I liberally smeared on my fresh rye bread. It only took 1.5 hours to boil the corned beef to perfection. And for less than the price of one to-go restaurant corned beef sandwich, we got two and a ton of leftovers for tomorrow. It was a perfect ending to a near perfect day (we walked a lot out in the fresh air). Sorry, not sorry we missed the bands. There’s always next year.

As always, the event was held in downtown Kingston NY along the historic Hudson River Front (which is a favorite place hubs and I like to go! Great views on this sunny (yet still a bit cold) afternoon.

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