For days now, the news has been warning that Ukraine is the 4th largest grain producer in the world and because of the war, we are going to see and feel severe food shortages in our very near future. According to the dishonest NY Times (that prints all that is not fit to print, click here):

Russia and Ukraine together produce nearly a quarter of the world’s wheat, feeding billions of people in the form of bread, pasta and packaged foods. The countries are also key suppliers of barley, sunflower seed oil and corn, among other products.

So, I asked myself, if Ukraine and Russia are responsible for only 25% of the world’s wheat, who is supplying the other, bigger, larger, more abundant 75%? Here’s the true fact:

Turns out Russia is actually #3 and Ukraine is all the way down there on the bottom of the list as #9. We get most of our needed grain and wheat supplies from China and India. If there really is going to be a slowdown from either Russia or Ukraine, surely China and India as well as America (we’re #4), France, Australia, Canada, Pakistan and Germany can all pull together and cough up that lacking 25%. Makes common sense, doesn’t it? So why is the media frightening the living bejesus out of all of us threatening that there is going to be food shortages and we are all going to die of starvation????

Next up on the fear mongering list is corn. It is being pounded in to our brains that corn production, the food item most important to feed the cows, livestock, other animals, as well as people….corn-the most vital important ingredient in high fructose corn syrup (which we all know we DON’T need) will also be on the shortage list.

Really, guys?

Know who is the biggest producer of corn? We are! The good ole United States Of America.

Want to know where Ukraine sits on that list? Ukraine is Number Five (5). Give me a break!

The media is fully trying to scare us even more by telling us that Russia and Ukraine produce the largest fertilizer supplies on the planet. And without that fertilizer farmers have already decided they are not going to plant anything and just let their fields go to rot. Really? America is a capitalist society. If anyone sees an opportunity to make money and more money, don’t they hop on the bandwagon and get producing? When did Americans suddenly become stupid? (not counting those who voted for Uncle Joe)

Again, let’s look at the facts. Who are the largest producers of fertilizer on Planet Earth? Here are the numbers:

China is Numero Uno (Number One). The United States is Numero Duo (Number Two). Next comes India as Number Three (3). Russia comes in last of the top suppliers. Even if China doesn’t step up fertilizer production, the United States surely will. And so will India. That country wants to get into the world wide competition and they most assuredly will beef up fertilizer production.

I hate to break this news to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, but we all are being lied to. Over and over again. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually. I challenge you to do your own research. Go to a feed store or a garden center. See if they have any fertilizer. I betcha they do AND the price of it has risen due to the lamebrain excuses the media has been forcing down our throats. We’re all being manipulated and it’s a crying shame. The truth is none of us here in either America or Planet Earth need Russia or the Ukraine for anything. They’re non-players. Period.

Don’t get me started on Russian oil. We have more oil in the one state of Alaska that could supply the whole entire planet, and yet we don’t drill for fear of disrupting the great white polar bear. Our government is blocking almost all American drilling because it wants us to switch to all electric cars. But where does that electricity come from? Coal mines. And what has America done to coal mines? It shut them down. Meanwhile, as of this writing, China has built an additional 240 coal mines on their own land. Why is that? What kind of idiot are we? How stupid can America be?

China continues to add coal-fired power plants within its borders, bringing forty-one gigawatts of coal power on line in 2020 alone, which accounted for seventy-five percent of the global total. China, the top global coal miner, consumer and emitter, whose leader, President Xi Jinping, is not expected to attend COP26. More than 1,000 coal plants are in operation, almost 240 planned or already under construction.

America is not ready for a 100% electric American lifestyle. We all can’t go out and buy EVs now. First off, the power grid isn’t ready for us. Secondly, have you seen the price of these EV cars? A friend of mine just bought a Tesla for $62,000. Can you afford to spend money like that on an experimental vehicle? With the roar of inflation making us poorer and poorer with each passing day, how many people do you know, in their right mind, who can afford buying an EV right now? You’d have to take out an extensive, long loan AND you’d now have to pay a much higher interest rate. Who is going to jump in to this insanity?

It ain’t me, that’s for sure. And I’m certain it isn’t most of my readers either. We just can’t do it. And that’s going to be the wake up call to GM, Ford and of course, the non-union Tesla who President Biden ignores.

To all newscasters, social media outlets, bloggers, influencers, YouTube and Tik Tok stars: stop telling us that gas, food, energy and rent prices are higher and going higher. We know. We’re dealing with it. We don’t need YOU reminding us of it We get it. We have to change our ways in order to survive. We know what we can afford to give up and we know what we need to prioritize. We don’t need your stinking advice. And to those who are touting living back in the 1940’s, stop doling out advice that is over 80 years old! This isn’t the 1940s. And it’s not the 1970s either. It’s the year 2022 and we have a whole new ball of wax to deal with. Yes, we should study and learn from the old days but we also need to learn and understand the new horizon that waits for us in our near futures.

Our first step is to get all these progressive, unrealistic nincompoops out of our way. And we do that come November. That’s probably the best advice you heard all day.

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