This week my cooking was all about duality. What do I mean by that? I made two things out of one. No, I didn’t double a recipe. I made two distinct dishes out of one ingredient. I had two skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Rather than making just two dishes, I actually made four.

First up, I used one raw breast to make enough chicken salad with celery and mayo to last for a full week of sandwiches. One day I would include a slice of tomato between the slices. Another day I’d add in some left over bacon bits from the morning breakfast. Either way I served it, we had enough. To cook the chicken, I boiled it. That produced a decent amount of fresh chicken broth. I then used the chicken broth in my rice cooker and I made a goodly amount of savory brown rice. I then used the brown rice as a base for my chicken and broccoli stir fry from the remaining raw chicken breast. I cut up broccoli and onions and tossed everything in my wok with enough sweet and sour sauce to adequately cover the rice. Whatever rice was left over, I turned into a delicious, healthy rice pudding! (Note: I only used half of the broccoli. I am planning on using the other half this weekend, steamed and in a quiche)

Next up was a small can of pumpkin left over from last season. I split the can in two. I used half to make a pumpkin pie over a ready-made graham cracker crust. The other half I used to make a good sized pumpkin bread. Both were delish! Aldi had a new whipped cream flavor: maple vanilla. I used it to top off a slice of pumpkin pie as well as over my rice pudding. Great flavor!

Lastly, I piled everything in to my fridge. My wide choice of ready made foods gave me a few nights off from cooking. I would just heat and eat. And of course dessert was always ready as well as a slice or two of pumpkin bread for breakfast! Enjoy.

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