With only one week so far back home from Holiday, I spent a lot of time cooking up some vegetables this past week in the kitchen. Why? Produce this past week looked super fresh and good. Plus most of it was on sale. A pound of asparagus was $1.45. Two cauliflowers were priced at $5. Broccoli crowns were only .99 cents a pound! I made all three of these vegetables the same way: cut up and roasted in a 400F oven with a bit of olive oil, dash of sea salt and lots and lots of garlic! Delish.

I got a little creative with the cauliflower, however. My mother had a quick and easy way of cooking it in Italian tomato sauce, served over pasta. I used Angle Hair pasta this past week and served up the veggie sauce with a touch of parmesan cheese. Hearty and delicious! Even the home made pizza I made was topped off with spinach, arugula, onions and Greek olives (as well as mozzarella cheese and grated parmesan).

I did break down one evening and baked an old fashioned turkey meat loaf (had plenty left over for next day’s lunch). The side dish was potatoes with onions and peas. Any leftover veggies I tossed into an omelette. Nothing went to waste. It was a great, healthy week of vegetables to be sure. Not to forget dessert, strawberries are coming in to season now. I baked up a batch of shortcakes, sliced up some berries with a touch of sugar. All got topped with whipped creme. Amazing! Had it for three days straight each evening.

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