We’ve been besieged with rain lately. So, it was no wonder when I got to my vegetable garden this past week, it was almost completely submerged under water.

Hope my now and only peach tree will survive. My apple tree did not. Thankfully, the sun has come out and has shone brightly and warmly on my vegetable garden. Almost all of the flood water is gone! In another week or so, it’ll be ready for some top soil, fertilizer (horse manure) and weather still permitting, some seedlings.

The area around the peach tree will be planted with flowers this year. Too many rabbits, groundhogs and chipmunks can make their way somehow under the netting, so it’s useless to plant anything edible there. The two top front wooden tiers however, will be home to both eggplant and green peppers this year around. It’s always been advisable to rotate your veggies and not plant the same thing in the same place year after year.

I’m looking forward this year to working and producing a bumper crop of vegetables, peaches and herbs this year. Thanks in part to inflation, my veggie garden is going to be more important than ever before. From all the research I’ve done, square foot gardening seems to be the most productive. If I didn’t have my top soil in those wooden/plastic square containers, the flooding would have ruined everything.

I’m looking most forward to growing my tomatoes again this year. I still have some San Marzano plum tomatoes in my freezer from last year. Just perfect timing for a re-stocking! Nothing says summer to me than a bowlful of freshly cut up tomatoes, a bunch of basil, some virgin olive oil, touch of salt and a freshly baked loaf of Italian bread. Here’s a prayer that I get a bumper crop yet once again this summer!

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