A few months ago I shared some recipes on preparing less expensive cuts of meat while making sure the food was delicious and healthy. To view that post (and view the recipes) click here. Since we haven’t eaten beef in a while, I decided to pull one of the steak options I had purchased out of my freezer and prepare another beef-for-dinner meal. This time I defrosted four cube steaks that I purchased from Aldi at $5.79 a pound. I am certain that price has since gone up but still nowhere near the $12.99 and $15.99 per pound prices for other cuts of beef (such as porterhouse steaks and NY strip steaks). Cube steaks will suit me just fine.

I followed this recipe (click here) and prepared cube steaks with onion gravy and a side dish of leftover cous cous (vs the mashed potatoes the recipe recommended). The recipe did not disappoint. I had a happy husband enjoying his dinner and a happy wife that didn’t have to listen to any complaints nor discuss the high costs of food yet again. In other words, it was a very pleasant dinner and we got to enjoy beef one more time.

This is the recipe authors photo. Mine looks almost as good. See below.

Here are my photos. I followed the recipe closely, including sautéing the steaks in a cast iron pan so that they crisp up on the edges. As I said previously: “there are many ways to skin a cat“. We can still have beef during these high inflationary times, if we learn how to prepare cheaper/less expensive cuts of beef. I served my dish with a side green salad. Delish!

Bon appitito!

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