Maybe it really is because of the Asian Flu. Or maybe it’s just the demand for coloring eggs this Easter. In any event, the price for a dozen eggs at my local supermarket just doubled. It was $1.30 a week ago. Today it’s $2.64. And if I was thinking of purchasing eggs from a private grower, because it might be cheaper, the cost for a dozen eggs would jump to $6.00.

In this era of high inflationary food costs, I would seriously frown on purchasing food simply for a childish gesture and then tossing said food in the trash. If you’re going to color eggs for Easter Sunday, at least use an edible dye and eat the eggs when you are done playing with your food. As for me and my family, we’re sticking with our multi-colored, plastic eggs this holiday season. And leaving the real eggs for Sunday breakfast.

One last, quick note before I sign off, that I thought you would all think adorable this Easter. Spring is here and with spring comes spring cleaning. I opened up our outdoor grill yesterday because it needs new parts and I wanted the part numbers so I could place an order. Imagine my surprise when I found a Newfoundland mamma mouse and her newborns living inside my grill in a makeshift nest. They are adorable!

Now, I would never disturb nor harm any living creature. So, I will just let them be. When all the babies are old enough to leave the nest, along with their mamma, then and only then will I fix my grill for the upcoming summer season. A good long burn will rid my gas grill of any remnants of the little adorable creatures. And all of us will continue to live in peace and harmony. I was more than happy to have my grill serve as a nesting/birthing place for the little ‘family’.

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