After twenty-one years of faithful service (and countless upon countless repairs, maintenance and upkeep) our riding lawn mower called it quits. Unable to get repair parts (because of its age), hubby threw in the towel and told me it was time to bite the bullet and buy a brand new riding lawn mower. Ka-ching!

This is our old lawn mower (which is now up for sale, just for the parts)

It took a few months of research, price comparison and sales speak before hubby decided on a new model. We got the lowest price possible, with free shipping. It was delivered today. Hubby has already used it once and his review is: amazing! Super fast. Super sturdy. Comes with a mulching blade also. Come this weekend, he and our landscaper friend will start sprucing up the property for yet another year.

Our new riding lawn mower:

It’ll take us two years of zero interest to pay this baby off. Then again, I just might pay the whole thing off much sooner. We’ll see (it depends on the economy).

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