It’s been like pulling teeth to get me to work back in my garden again. If it weren’t for the threat of world wide food shortages, I’d probably sleep this growing season out. So, I’ll take the world on its word and sorta believe that upcoming food shortages will be real and start working on my garden.

I started on the seeds first. I picked out the veggies I want to grow this year. I’ll have more room this year than last because our apple tree died…thus more raised garden bed room. Our peach tree, thank goodness, is doing splendidly. We all are looking forward to peach pies and peach preserves. If the bounty is abundant, hubby wants to trade some peaches for some apples. Several of our neighbors have apple trees, so it’ll be a good swap.

In another day or two I’ll start on the flower beds. I bought another two bags of container vegetable garden dirt as well as one bag of manure/hummus for its nutrient values. Personally, if you ask me what I am doing, I really have no idea. I’m just following my farmer gut and hoping for the best.

Once I start my garden, I know I can not leave it for too long. I have a one week vacay planned at the Outerbanks and have already scheduled my neighbors son to tend to my garden (as he did last year) while I’m away. That’s all good.

It’s been raining now, so I’ll wait another day or two and start weeding out the raised veggie beds. Of the 4 veggie beds, one looks awful. I’ll attack that one first!

I start my seedlings in discarded, biodegradable egg cartons. They’re easy to separate once they start to grow and can be planted directly into the ground. The easier it is for me the better. I set up a metal stand in my kitchen sliding glass doors and placed my seedlings there as that part of the house gets the best sun light. This season I’m growing two types of tomatoes: San Marzano and hybrid-type beefsteaks. Ditto for peppers: standard and Californian. Two types of eggplant also! These veggies need to be started indoors from seeds. I’ll plant them close to either Mother’s Day or Memorial Day. Other veggies I will be growing directly into the soil: peas, string beans, zucchini and summer squash. One raised bed will be dedicated to herbs: tons of basil, Italian parsley, dill, rosemary and oregano.

If you haven’t started a vegetable/fruit garden yet, it’s not too late to start. Try raised bed gardening. To me, that seems to be the easiest. Growing your own food will save you a lot of money. Have you seen the price of peppers lately? Plus, they freeze very well. I was thinking maybe this year if I joined a CSA (market community, delivering their seasonal bounty once a week). Have you seen the prices of joining a veggie garden club? The one in my neighborhood charges $650 for the season….PAID IN FULL AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. No thanks. I only invested maybe $26 this season for the dirt and seeds. Here’s hoping the gods of the veggie patch shine smiles on my little patch this upcoming growing season and everything blooms and tastes great!

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