Too many people are turning off the news as a means of mental health. I get that. I understand. But did you know, your disgust with the news and your turning off the news is precisely what the ‘powers that be‘ want you to do? When no one is listening to the news or the facts, the ‘powers that be‘ can do and pass whatever it is they want to do and pass. And you’ll be none the wiser.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

Find some newscast that you can trust, that you can believe in and listen, learn and react. The secret here is not to overdo the news and listen to it 24/7. Find a balance and stick to it.Be informed. Know the facts. Follow the future trends so that you can be prepared for them. Not left standing in the roadway like a deer in the headlights. You’re in the know. You got it. You understand. You are prepared.

While I can not tell you who or what to watch, I can tell you what I do when I want to find out about the news of the day. I start off my mornings at 6 AM EST with The National Desk (and also re-broadcast at 8AM EST) You can either find them on your local listings or you can watch them live on YouTube, click here (and continual also, throughout the day should you miss the original broadcast). I have found this new news outlet to be truthful and honest (so far). They tell you the news you can use regarding the economy, inflation, coronavirus, the Federal government, the war in Ukraine as well as what is happening all over the rest of America. They have over 4,000 reporters working on news stories daily. They also have a segment entitled ‘The Fact Check Team’ (click here for an example) to further explain any difficulties in understanding current news events. I start my day off listing to The National Desk and then I watch them again at 11PM EST to get a close for the day (and find out how the stock market did).

So far, I am impressed with this free, national news broadcast. They tell it like it is with NO opinions other than your own.

I watch my local news, once per day. Usually at 6PM and then I watch World News at 6:30PM for a half hour and that’s it! If I can’t figure out what’s truthful and deceitful (fake news) from any of that then I deserve to be stupid. I don’t watch individual news shows like on MSNBC, CNN or FOX. I’m really not interested in anyone’s opinion because we all know what opinions are like, don’t we? I can make up my own mind. I don’t need no ‘splaining. If I want a good laugh for the day, I watch those dire warning YouTubers who have calculated that this is the end of the world and Jesus will be coming back to scoop all of us back in to heaven right before the end of times comes. People, if Jesus didn’t come back during the Holocaust, He sure as ain’t coming back know. We have buffoons in charge right now. Jesus won’t be coming back for stupidity. He just wants to make sure we all learn what stupid looks like so we can do better in our future.

Here’s an advertisement for The National Desk:

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