If you see little electronic food pricing do-dads at your grocery store, leave immediately before it’s too late!

Coming to a store near you. Doesn’t matter if it’s food or shoes or pants or repair parts. Digital displays that now constantly monitor the price of just about everything will be electronically monitoring the globe and will automatically adjust the price of anything you want to buy in a matter of nano-seconds. You can place something in your cart thinking it’s one price but when you get to the cashier the price may have gone up depending on global demand for said product.

May 2020) An electronic shelf label (ESL) system is used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. The product pricing is automatically updated whenever a price is changed under the control of a central server. Typically, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving.

This is what your grocery store (as well as all the other big box retailers) will look like soon. All digital!

This morning I went shopping at my local Aldi and I overheard the manager and an employee discussing the new raised prices. “Did you see the pricing list?” asked the employee to the manager. “Yes” he said “It’s eleven pages long.” Maybe the digital system will save Aldi money from not utilizing any labor to post the prices, other than a change in their computer server, but do you really think Aldi or any commercial entity will pass any savings along to us, the lowly consumer? You know the answer. It’s ‘NO!’

Speaking of Aldi, for the second week in a row there was no milk. And I mean NO MILK. Nothing. Nada. What if I were a parent with children at home? What if there wasn’t another grocery store I could go to? We did go to Shop Rite afterwards and their milk department was only 1/3 full with milk choices. This is not a good thing folks. This is not a good thing at all. (plus I had to spend a dollar more for Shop Rite milk over Aldi pricing.)

Absolutely NO milk at Aldi for the 2nd week in a row. Eggs very limited also.

When I watched this morning’s news, one of the top stories was the astronomical rise in diesel fuel. When I looked my area was up to $6.99 a gallon! That’s seven dollars for diesel fuel that all the truckers need to make their deliveries. What cost them $600 two months ago, now costs them $1200!! Thank goodness we live near agricultural farms, dairy farms and cattle/pig/chicken ranches. They can deliver their products in vans to our local grocery store, using regular gas instead of diesel.

The national news said diesel was up to $5.32 a gallon but in my area the price is up to $7 a gallon!!

Undeterred by today’s depressing news, I went to another local supermarket and only bought their loss leaders. I got a great deal on pork (center cut pork chops and ribs, just perfect for the BBQ) @$1.79 and $1.69 a pound (after scanning a digital coupon.

I got my renewed vehicle car insurance bill this morning also (it was a busy day indeed!). My rates will go up 7% starting June. I have to come up with an additional $14 per installment payment. I also got an advance notice regarding my property taxes. Starting in 2023 they raised my property value by $50,000 and increased my rates by 14%. Once I factor in my Senior Discount and Low Income discount, we still have to come up with an additional $600 annually. Needless to say, these increases can’t be accomplished by us under our fixed incomes. Hubby has gone back to part time work and in addition for me earning some money off this blog, I’m investigating how I can earn some money using my sewing machine. I heard pet toys are big sellers! I’m looking at patterns and inquiring about selling my wares on a set platform, especially for the upcoming holiday seasons. I’ll let you know. In the interim, I would appreciate anyone buying me a virtual cup of coffee. Thanks!

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