I’ve been fine tuning my vegan cooking recipes as the price of animal proteins continue to spiral out of my reach. One of the vegan choices this week was a great big pot of lentils and veggies (onions, carrots and celery) served over brown rice. Totally delicious and very healthy. My recipe dates back to my mom, who used to cook us kids a batch every so often. I’m certain my mom got the recipe from her own mother, who helped her own family survive The Great Depression of 1929. Nonetheless, I had a bowl of lentils for both dinner and lunch a few times this past week.

Next up on the vegan parade was my home made hummus and tahini served on a toasted whole wheat pita, topped off with red onions, tomatoes and cucumber. For dessert, freshly cut up pineapple.

I had a quart-sized container of home made marinara sauce left over from the previous week. I boiled up some pasta, topped with my home made sauce. Underneath it all was my favorite dollop of part-skim ricotta cheese (for protein).

All was not lost in the meat department, however. I did manage to slow cook a small side of pork. It made a few pulled pork sandwiches. I served it with a side of home made cole slaw, all topped with BBQ sauce and pickles. Delish! I also enjoyed a few turkey burgers over dinner this past week, with a slice of munster cheese, red onion and lots of ketchup.

Lastly, over the weekend I didn’t want to cook. I wanted Chinese take-out instead. Thankfully (and luckily) I had prepared for my food mood swings and had a stash of frozen Asian foods in my freezer, thus saving me from an expensive restaurant meal. I microwaved a dish of chicken lo main and a few chicken egg rolls in the air fryer (they come out perfectly in there!) and had a delicious, authentic meal at home.

Other than the lentils and brown rice, all food came from Aldi.

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