Now that spring is underway and most of the coronavirus precautions have been eliminated, local communities are making a slow comeback to pre-pandemic lifestyles. Translated that means freebies are returning to my area. Free concerts, free park outings, free outdoor events, free passes to both museums and art galleries are some of the new, free events simply coming my way this spring and summer. And I hope to take advantage of as many of those freebies as possible.

Excellent paved road circled the entire lake. Perfect for taking a casual stroll.

Yesterday, I started my freebie trek at a local state park. Over the summer it offers free swimming at a local lake (complete with lifeguards!) as well as camping sites and hiking trails. There’s even another dedicated lake that offers row boats and canoes (for a minimal rental fee). Picnic tables abound as well as charcoal BBQs and cooking pits. Hubby and I took a casual stroll around the main lake. We found a comfy bench that gave us a birdseye view of the lake and sat for a while to take in the view. We weren’t alone though. Apparently a local middle school nearby dropped off a bunch of students to hang out in one of the meadows. Some groups were playing soccer. Others basketball. A few just settled onto the new green grass and gazed up at the clouds. Perfect ways to spend a sunny afternoon, for sure!

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