I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. So much so that I didn’t want it to end. The best part about the whole day was no money was spent. I was able to enjoy my entire Mother’s Day without spending a penny. No flowers were bought. No boxes of candy were purchased. No meals out in an expensive restaurant. Nope. Hubby and I spent most of the day working on our property. Hubby’s Mother’s Day gift to me was getting my veggie garden ready for spring planting.

Nobody came to visit me. My two daughters and two granddaughters didn’t come over. Only one sent me a card. The other just barely made a phone call to me. I had to remind her I was waiting for her FaceTime video chat. And yet, despite it all, I had a fantastic day!

My oldest granddaughter insisted she send me a card for Mother’s Day.

My morning started out with getting an iMessage from Andrea Bocelli, my most favorite singing sensation, stating that I could listen to a bunch of romantic songs from Bocelli and company all day long, for free, via Spotify (my free music account). The music did not disappoint. For the whole entire day, I streamed some of the most wonderful, romantic, vibrant music from both Andrea Bocelli and other famous singers such as Il Divo, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavoratti, Rod Stuart, Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban (just to name a few). The music was perfect.

What a treasured gift! I even sent myself a Mother’s Day Card. I listened to this music from Dawn till Dusk.

Next, my husband made me an asparagus and onion frittata for breakfast. A great, strong cup of coffee to go with it. Breakfast was perfect and an excellent way to start my day.

Next on the agenda, my husband finally got to use his new riding lawn mower and get our property in order. He had to clear out all the fallen trees, branches and twigs after our brutal winter. He mulched the leaves next and then finally he was able to cut the grass.

I dabbled in the house while hubby mowed. I cleaned up a bit and got the interior a bit more organized (all the while streaming that fantastic music!) Around noon time, hubby came back in the house and we had some Italian appetizers (frozen Aldi rice balls, cooked in the air fryer, topped with home-made bolognese sauce) as well as a home-made vegetable pizza for lunch. Hubby made me a wine spritzer (which is fast becoming our new summer drink of choice).

After lunch, we both headed outside and worked on my raised vegetable garden beds. I de-weeded. Once the beds were cleared of weeds, hubby added in a new layer of top soil and a thin layer of hummus/manure. All good for the new crop of veggies I’m growing indoors (broccoli, green peppers, 2 varieties of tomatoes and eggplant) which I’ll be planting this week (once the rabbit/deer protective fence gets put back around the beds). The only raised flower bed I couldn’t clear was the herb garden. It’s overgrown with oregano plants and I need to think about this for a while. I want to keep some of the oregano but clear out the rest for basil, parsley and dill (all from seeds). I planted spinach and arugula in our deck container for easy reach when it’s time to make a salad.

Our peach tree is doing fantastically! Lots of buds which means we will get lots of fruit. Tons of peach pies in our future as well as peach preserves!

Lastly, after dinner (bolognese sauce over rigatoni pasta and another wine spritzer) I ended my day with a super hot bath and lavender-infused epsom salts. I get these for a dollar at the Dollar Store (actually, $1.25 now but still a great bargain!) A few handfuls in my bath water, again with that Andrea Bocelli music still streaming and I had a wonderful end to a wonderful day. My bed sheets were nice and freshly clean, as were my pajamas. Ahhhhhhhh! Happy Mother’s Day! And it didn’t cost me a penny. Just a day of appreciating my life, my home, my husband, my children and grandchildren (we all did FaceTime later on in the day) and all my vegetable garden accomplishments.

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