Joe Biden and every single person he surrounds himself with, knows absolutely nothing on what to do to get inflation numbers back to planet Earth’s atmosphere. Nothing. Absolutely nothing! All they know what to do is blame others for their own ridiculous, mishandled, financial disasters. I’m sorry to say, dear readers, that for the next 2.5 years……we’re f**ked. There just is no other way to say it.

It started just 30 minutes after Biden was inaugurated, when he shut down the XL Pipeline and it has been one domino after another. I’m certain by this Memorial Day, We The People will be paying over $5.00 for a gallon of gas (if we aren’t that high already). I pity the poor folk who live in California. I’m thinking it’s bad over here in New York where I live (which it is) but I am certain it’s far worse in other parts of the country.

President Joe Biden gave a speech today that was supposed to be an uplifting message to the American people regarding help with inflation but all Biden did (and say) was play the blame game. He blamed every single person on earth as to why our energy and food bills are sky high except for the real culprit, the man in Joe Biden’s mirror: HIMSELF!

Conservatives on Twitter were not buying President Joe Biden’s recent speech assessing the pandemic and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as the two main issues behind the United States’ economic woes“Biden is lying about his ‘solutions’ for inflation and the non-existent Republican plan for a ‘middle class tax hike.’ This gaslighting won’t work because the policies won’t work.” Click here for full info.

So what are We The People supposed to do? I’ve eliminated almost everything out of my life except the care and undertaking of my four walls: (home, food, energy, transportation) but with local gas prices here at $4.69, I’ll admit it: life is getting a bit scary. To top it all off, I got my property tax notice informing me my house appraised much higher than is humanely possible so expecting higher property and school tax will soon be on its way into my mail box. Note to self: school attendance is lower yet they are taxing me higher. Go figure.

For my solution in my household, my husband went back to work. I’ve been saving as much of the money he is earning by socking it away in FDIC savings accounts. If you’re a retiree who is depending on your 401K to fund your retirement, you may just be both out of luck AND you may not have enough time left on this earth to recoup your losses. Everyone always criticizes me because I only invest in FDIC products. Well, as the stock market tanks, I don’t. I’m not making a lot of investment money but at least I do have money. No losses here. I make a little bit extra and as long as I keep my expenses low and stay out of debt, my plan is working for me. ME.

I already got a notice from my bank that rates on my Money Market accounts went up as well as higher interest is now available on some CDs. I’m not running out to buy iBonds. I’m not tying my money up for a year or losing 3 months of interest after the year should I need a withdrawal as per iBonds’ policies. I don’t like losing money. Any amount of money. Period.

I also got this notice from my electricity Company (who was placed under investigation by our Republican politicians). I expect my May bill to have dropped by at least 50%.

I’m continuing to shop at my local discount grocery store, Aldi, as well as shop the weekly loss leaders at other grocers. If I need anything, I go to The Dollar Store. I’m cooking everything from scratch. Most of my recipes are from my mother and grandmother’s generational Italian influences. They survived extreme poverty back in Italy. They survived World War II and The Great Depression. They ate well and retained their good health so that they could continue to work hard and earn money. Continuing to earn money is a great defense against inflation!

I’m not buying anything unless it’s a necessity. This includes clothes, girly stuff and anything for the home/kitchen/car unless it’s an emergency. This weekend my vegetable plantings will go into my outdoor raised garden beds and another growing season for my Victory Garden will begin. I’ve cancelled all vacations except Florida in the winter. Thank goodness we have a fuel efficient car (40MPG). Hubby and I have been using it exclusively. Our pick up truck is reserved for yard errands and our one Florida vacay. The only streaming device we have is a ROKU (one time charge of $28 to purchase). If I need a book I wait diligently for it at my library, for free. I only listen to free music on Spotify. I search my local Chamber of Commerce for free things to do this summer (concerts, art galleries, lectures, parades and other events)

Go to heck, Joe Biden. You’re worthless. You’ve run out of excuses. No one believes you anymore. And perhaps they didn’t believe you when you started out. I believed you. I thought you were The Great Hope. I am nothing more than disappointed at how miserable and helpless you have made the majority of us Americans feel. We have a long, hard road ahead of us and no one in my circle is looking towards you as some sort of shinning light. You’re nothing. You’re a disappointment. And a reminder. Not to put your hope and faith into politicians. God is the answer. Always was and always will be.

You’re not going to destroy my life, my hopes, my dreams and for certain, you ain’t destroying my retirement! I’m going to make it after all.

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