It took a while, but the last of the spring cleaning is almost done. A lot of branches fell over the winter and hubs had a tough time finding them all, collecting them up and placing them in a pile, to be burned later on in the season (when property fire dangers subside). This was the first year I didn’t help my husband in the clean up. Hubby hired the teen next door to assist him. Took them two days to get everything under control.

How’s it looking?

To truly appreciate this clean up, you had to see the ‘before’ shot, which I didn’t take. Oh well.

We had some guests over for dinner back at the end of April. That’s when I did all my interior spring cleaning. Now that the weather is a bit warmer, hubby plans on washing down the south side of the house (that side gets the worst beating from the winds and weather). The deck furniture didn’t survive this recent cold winter, which was expected. I really should bring the deck furniture in during the winter and store them in the shed. I had to replace two plastic Adirondack chairs and the deck outdoor area rug. They were both several years old and needed replacement but only because I never stored them inside over the cold winter months. Now, with the new stuff, I’ll be a bit more careful.

The biggest and best spring update came from our gas grill. Yes, we left it outside all winter and when hubby lifted the top cover, he found a mamma mouse and her little offspring who made the gas grill their birthing home. Hubby didn’t want to disturb them so he waited until the little babies were big and strong enough to leave the nest (literally). Here’s what he found:

The gas jets had rusted and rotted out. If you look close enough on the right side, there’s mamma mouse.

Hubby ordered and replaced the rusted and rotted out center gas providers as well as a new top grill plate and upper warming shelf grill plate. The total for the replacement parts came to $34. That was a helluva lot better than buying a new grill (which would cost $179 now compared to the $99 original price a few years ago). Have another look:

Here’s the re-vamped grill, with new central parts and grill top. Awesome!

Spring cleaning also meant for us to look over our clothes and possessions. If anything needed mending or replacing , now was the time to do it. Unfortunately, my bedroom sheets finally gave way and were so worn out, the material separated beyond repair. Thankfully I have another queen sheet set so I started using those instead. Hubby still cleaned the damaged sheet stating he could use it as a back seat cover in his truck whenever our dog tags along for a ride. So, the old fitted sheet still has a purpose and can still be used, but only in a different way.

Hubby’s work clothes, however, were a different story. Many of his pants and tee shirts had rips, tares or holes that couldn’t be repaired or patched. It may be fashionable to wear ripped jeans but for the work hubby does, wearing ripped clothing can be dangerous especially when you work around heavy equipment. I’ll either cut them down to shorts or toss them. I haven’t decided yet on how to re-use them.

Now that the spring weather is finally here, we can open our windows. Right outside my bedroom window is a lilac tree that simply smells delicious. The floral aroma, if the wind blows in the right direction, can fill my bedroom with a sweet perfume scent. No need for any artificial room deodorizers. This is Mother Nature at her best. You’d swear you were back in Paris once you got a downwind drift!

Lastly, I didn’t do much cooking this past week. Sometimes hubby and I get like that. Thankfully, I still had leftovers from the week before but nothing qualified to have its picture taken. I did make one dish, however. Roasted, skinless chicken thighs with onions. The secret was in the seasoning, of which I can’t recall specifically. But it was mostly a bit of garlic powder, onion powder, low-salt taco seasoning mix, Italian herbs, some black pepper and a touch of olive oil, all sprinkled over the thighs and a sliced whole onion.


I roasted 7 chicken thighs with onions, served over a bed of Jasmine white rice. It fed hubby for 3 days.

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