I suppose it’s inevitable that as inflation takes a stronger hold on everyone’s daily life, the urge to cut back and be frugal is only natural. I have always enjoyed the frugal lifestyle by choice. I felt being frugal and valuing the true cost of almost anything was a more sustainable reality. I made my first frugal negotiation when I was only ten years old. My cousin and I were in a toy store and we both wanted the same toy. So, I asked the manager how much one toy was and he told me. Then I asked him if we bought two could we get a deal? The manager smirked and gave out a funny smile. I suppose he either was shocked or found it amusing that a little girl of ten years would have either the brains or the nerve to ask for a deal? Nonetheless, my cousin and I got a deal. Thus my first frugal experience was a success. The rest, as they say, is history.

Although, in these current modern times, they might not call it frugality. Instead, they are bringing back the word ‘thrifting’. Thrifting, it seems, is turning out to be the hottest hobby trend of 2022 (click here for more info).  “Looking at Google Trends data, the platform found searches for thrifting increased 102.6 per cent from December in 2021 to January 2022.

As the economy falters, the stigma of buying second hand items fades away.

I was going to donate a lot of stuff to Goodwill and The Salvation Army but I just recently realized that my items have retained much value. Now, instead, I am selling the jeans that no longer fit me, as well as some un-needed furniture, kitchen stuff and gardening tools. The prices to buy this stuff new is so overwhelming that people will now buy mostly anything second hand. And you can include me in those people who prefer buying used or secondhand.

Start making a list of what you need and bring it with you always as you pass by the plethora of yard/garage/barn sales you may encounter this spring, summer and fall. Another great place to peruse items for quick sale is in Facebook’s Marketplace. Just be careful and diligent when meeting sellers in person.

If you need to save money, I would recommend thrifting. If you need to make money, I would recommend selling your stuff rather than donating it. There’s a rumor going around that Goodwill is considering raising their prices. Really? On other people’s stuff? Then why not you? You make the money selling your own stuff. In this economy, I’m certain you need the money or the savings either way.

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