My husband tested positive yesterday for Covid-19. He home tested himself because he had many of the covid symptoms: aches and pains, sweats then chills, a fever of 99.3, tiredness and just plain old not feeling quite well as his usual self. Needless to say, he immediately quarantined and moved upstairs to the second floor of our home. He has use of his own bathroom now and a bedroom, while I remained living on the first floor along with my dog. This meant I had to cook and prepare his meals as well as take care of myself. If you recall, I’m currently suffering from constant nose bleeds, till I see an EMT (eyes, mouth and throat doctor). I’m really not in a position to take care of anyone. Not even myself!

A double line, one under the “C” and one under the “T” means you tested positive for covid.

Every time I would either bend over or lift something, my nose would start to bleed. I’ve got a professional, medical pair of pinchers which stop the nose bleeding effectively but I have to take the time to sit in a chair, not move and wait it out till my nose stops bleeding. In the beginning that took 1.5 hours. Now, it’s gotten down to 5 or 10 minutes. Nonetheless, I shouldn’t be exerting myself.

Oh what a pair hubby and I now make!!

This, I feel, is a reality fear check among many senior citizens: not having a family member, relative or friend to pitch in and help take care of them, when needed. Both my daughters were unable to come here and help us out. My sister lives 1300 miles away. Most of my family members have either died or moved away. Ditto for my husband’s family. They all moved away. At least the ones that he still speaks to! Not funny. But I digress.

Thankfully, I had many already-cooked meals in my freezer. I just had to put them through the microwave to keep husband fed. Same for me. I also have a well stocked pantry and fridge, so there was no need for me to run out to the store for anything. Ditto on the meds. I had Tylenol and allergy medicine on hand, as well as aspirins, plastic gloves (to touch the stuff) masks, antiseptic wipes and disinfectant. To make matters worse for the both of us, however, we were in the middle of a weekend heat wave with indoor temps reaching into the high 90sF. Again, thankfully, I had prepared and I had fans on the ready. The fans were lightweight so I had no trouble picking them up and moving them about the house to get the best breeze.

Another thing we both have to contend with is who is going to take over our household duties should something happen to either one of us. Hubby does the hard labor and home maintenance. If the air conditioners had to be installed, if hubby was incapacitated, who would have done this for us? A neighbor? A professional? Who do I call to do that? Second, I take care of all the financial parts of the relationship. Who will continue to pay our bills in a timely manner should I not be able to handle it? I’ve showed both my daughters my monetary procedures (I have them all written out) and they can do it remotely. Thank the Lord!

Fortunately, there’s a non-profit organization in my community that specializes in helping retirees, such as myself and hubby, take care of matters, as I listed above. It’s a volunteer group, who for a $125 annual fee, have banded together and offer assistance (drives to grocery stores, shopping, hospitals and doctor appointments) as well as telephone assistance (social phone calls and lonliness check-ups) and social events (lunches out, art & museum adventures, casual get-to-gethers) to name just a few of the many benefits the non-for-profit offers. After this past week end, I’m seriously thinking of joining.

I have to admit that I reached the lowest of the low this past weekend. I was really starting to panic which sent my nosebleeds through the roof. I can’t drive myself to the doctors office because should my nose start to bleed during the drive, I’d either have to pull over or risk not being able to see the road. Normally, my husband would drive, cook and clean, and basically take care of me. Now that the tables turned, I wasn’t able to reciprocate. What’s a couple to do? (I did call one neighbor whose own husband came down with covid a few months ago, for advice. She did offer any help should I have needed it. So, that’s a good thing!) Luckily, at least both my daughters and I were able to text message each other in real time. I kept them abreast of our status. They had great advice. There was one time when I started panicking when my nose started bleeding profusely. I sent my daughter this phone pic when my nose got out of control. She managed to calm me down, talk me through it and eventually my nose stopped bleeding. If it hadn’t, she would have called the local ambulance service and I would be taken back to the ER.

I’m only showing you this embarrassing photo because I want to stress the emergency of it all. I was really scared and I panicked profusely to the point I didn’t know what to do. I was confused.

I tested myself this morning to see if I had covid also. Thankfully, it came back negative. I had just gotten in the mail eight more free, government sponsored covid testing kits. How appropriate to have been delivered at the right time! Hubby will re-test himself at the end of this week. Once he’s fine and back to being himself, I’ll contact the EMT my local hospital recommended, make an appointment and finally once and for all take care of my nose. Hubby is feeling better. He was able to help out a bit this morning (do some laundry and take care of the dog…all the while wearing surgical gloves, a mask and toting antiseptic wipes).

It’s all good.

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