Call it another Freudian slip but President Joe Biden indirectly announced, while giving a speech in Japan that “God willing” America will get through this “Incredible Transition” as it forces its citizens off of fossil fuels. President Joe Biden said high gas prices are part of “an incredible transition,” during his press conference with Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida Fumio in Tokyo, Japan on 5/23/2022.

Here’s the clip:

Did YOU know you were going through ‘an incredible transition’? Did any one tell you a painful period in your life was coming up involuntarily? Did anyone tell you to prepare, how to prepare or to find another mode of transportation before it was too late and you were stuck inside your home, probably jobless by now if you couldn’t find another way to travel to and from your job? Did anyone tell you you had to switch to EV vehicles, even though none were available or the price unattainable? Did any one report to you and let you know your soon-to-be power outages were all part of the plan to get you to switch to electricity (the power grid is un-prepared for you anyway)?

Did anyone tell you that the upcoming planned fuel and energy shortages were going to raise the price of your food supplies? Did anyone let you know that you might not be able to heat your home in the winter or air condition them in the summer because the power wasn’t going to be available? And what about the masses who recently moved down south thinking they were so smart? Didn’t you know that there’s a reason why so many people live up north? It’s because states like Arizona, New Mexico, Florida etc were impossible to reside in during the summer months unless they had electric air conditioners running 24/7? What are they going to do now when those rolling blackouts hit them this summer?

Just like the disaster in Afghanistan, with no exit strategy in sight, Biden just pulled American forces out of the country, without any consideration for the thousands of people he left behind to suffer. The same thing is happening to all of us right now, here, in our own country. This administration is forcing all of us to switch over to EVs without any back up plan. How many of us are going to suffer soon because of this admins carelessness, soullessness and just downright insanity? How many people are going to die or become disabled in the very near future because of this admins callousness?

And what are any of us doing about this now that we know the truth? NOTHING! We’re just sitting here complaining about the high cost of gas and diesel as Biden’s administration continually lies to us. They said they are releasing 1 million barrels of gas per day for the next 6 months to ease our pain but America uses 21 million barrels of fuel per day, so what the Biden admin is offering is really just a joke. It accomplishes nothing nor is it giving anyone any relief. What is wrong with us? How are we allowing our way of life to be transformed without our input or knowledge….let alone our permission? We just can’t have politicians come in and change America. For the worst, I might add. Our whole entire economy is based on gas and diesel. You can’t just change it WITHOUT A BACK UP PLAN? What are people supposed to do in the meantime??

This is just a screen shot for Word Press. The actual video is up above.

“God willing” isn’t going to help you Joe. God doesn’t help politicians who wreck havoc and bring misfortune and pain to millions and millions of people. You are destroying America, the land that God once loved and if you think God is going to stand still and let you do this, you will be seriously mistaken. Everyone keeps hinting that a ‘Great Reset’ is coming. They think it’s going to be brought on by the progressive liberal left. I don’t think so. I think that God is going to do the ‘Great Reset’. Once and for all, God is going to get even with the likes of you and cast all of you out of this once promised land. The only thing We The People can do is pray right now. Pray and vote these fuckers out of America once and for all. For decades this trash has been trying to destroy America and God Willing, God will help stop them once and for all. They’re pure evil. It’s a battle of good vs evil. It may look like evil might be willing, but do not worry. God is more powerful than any political party on this planet. God controls the planet. Not man! The wind, the sun, the birth rate, your gender………. it’s all controlled and directed by a supreme being, GOD.

You’re NOT going to win, Joe Biden. Nor any of your folk nor your ilk. You’re going to be cast out. Just like Russia’s Putin, who is currently suffering from a rare, painful blood cancer, you, Joe Biden will suffer a most painful way. For God controls your health, your wealth and your good fortune. The Lord giveth. The Lord most certainly will take away.