Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

Honoring those that have served and died.

Let me ask those who served and are still alive, and the family members still alive but whose loved one died in one of the many, many wars the United States of America has levied: are you proud right now, at this moment, on how your America is turning out? Are you enjoying the chaos, the hatred, the killings, the crime, the corruption, the lies, the cheating, the fake news, the high inflation poured on you by the government as you watch yourself and your family get poorer and poorer with each passing day? How does it make you feel to find out that the government of America doesn’t care about you, doesn’t give a rats ass about you and that you are just some peg they are trying to fit inside some round hole?

To the millions upon millions of illegals who have risked everything in their lives and paid handsome ransoms to the cartels, drug lords and human traffickers just to come to America, thinking you were going to escape the horrific and dangerous living standards you thought you left behind, only to find out that America is just more of the same from what you left? America is not the promised land. It’s filled with hate, crime, racism, bigotry, corruption, violence, dishonesty, lies and probably eventually, you”ll be dying in the streets just like the rest of us legal citizens. You’re not safe here. You’re going to be gunned down, probably in your living room, corner grocery store, church or classroom….just like the rest of us are.

If you think you’re going to live a better life here, live in a nicer (unaffordable) apartment or (laughing) maybe even buy a house….if you think you’re going to get a good paying job, get that flat screen TV and drive a nice car, get educated……..I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell to you, real cheap! America has turned into the exact thing you were trying to escape. You’d be better off taking a slow boat to China than trying to cross the Rio Grande.

In 1965, when I found out that LBJ, President Lyndon Banes Johnson knew America was losing the Viet Nam war, but sent in our young soldiers into battle, knowing full well they were all going to die, that was the day I hated being an American. I wanted to go back to my homeland of Italy but to this day, that has been impossible. I’m stuck here. And so are you.

I’ll be back blogging on Tuesday, May 31. Till then, pray. Pray for something better than what we already have. God bless.

“I guess we’ve got no choice, but it scares the death out of me. I think everybody’s going to think, ‘we’re landing the Marines, we’re off to battle.’”

President Lyndon B. Johnson, 6 March 1965