It’s been six days since I tested positive for Covid-19. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have it before I tested positive because I probably did, despite testing negative twice. All the symptoms were there: headache, chills, fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, congestion…..I knew I had it but it just wasn’t confirmed as of yet. There is no doubt that I caught covid from my hapless husband. His best friend, that he hangs out with almost daily, is unvaxxed. Despite repeated warnings from me to stay away and keep his distance, hubby was just asking to get infected. His unvaxxed friend went to a party in New York City, the epicenter of every single covid variant on the planet, and voila’: husband got infected. He got extremely ill and unfortunately despite his quarantining to a separate section of our home, infected me, his vulnerable 71 year old wife! To say I am furious with him would be an understatement. If money weren’t so tight between the two of us I would have hired an attorney and sued my husband for a divorce and sued his best friend for contaminating and endangering the life of a senior citizen! That’s elder abuse!

But I digress.

If anyone tells you contracting covid is like getting the flu, they are simply wrong. The pain that you go through is excruciating. The headaches I endured felt as if my head was going to explode. There was no comfort or any place I could hang my head (as in sleeping or sitting) that reduced any of the pain. No amount of Tylenol lessened the torture. I was weak. I was extremely tired, disoriented and at times I didn’t know where I was. It was hard to make decisions. My husband got sick first so I was able to take care of him. By the time I got sick, he was feeling better and took care of me. We took turns. I got so ill that I really thought I was going to die. So much so that I paid all the bills up to 7/15/22. I wrote out instructions for both my daughters to keep up with our bill payments because my husband is completely useless when it comes to money management. I showed my husband where I kept my will and my insurance policy. I explained to him that he couldn’t collect on my life insurance if he didn’t have the original documents.

It’s funny though, when you think you are going to die, the thoughts and images that run through your head. I quickly realized that anything going on in the outside world was meaningless. Inflation, gas prices, banking fears, stock market declines, were all meaningless to me now. I re-examined my life to date and came to this conclusion: I accomplished almost everything I wanted to during my lifespan. So technically, if it were meant for me to die, I was ready. I am very content just to stay home, live on my 3.5 acre homestead, watch the birds, grow my garden and just dilly dally the rest of my days away. There’s no place I want to go. There’s no earthly wonder I want to explore or experience. I’m happy just to sit quietly still and not do anything else.

It was extremely comforting to know that we were prepared. We have enough food in the house to hold us over for months on end. We also had a good stockpile of medicines, disinfectants and cleaning products. Our little doggie doesn’t have to be walked or let out, since she has an indoor cage specifically geared for her to do her business inside. We both took precautions, however, around her and wore our masks and washed our hands before and after we petted her. She knew something was amiss and insisted an remaining steadfast by our sides. There have been cases of dogs getting covid-19 so we really didn’t want to take too many chances. So far, so good. All is well.

It was also comforting to know that we had neighbors on the ready should we need anything from the store or getting prescriptions filled. My two daughters and my sister are staying in daily contact with us. All have emergency numbers to call should something go awry. I did put a call into my doctor but being this is a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) I NEVER got a call back. This was NOT good. Hubby did put a call into our ER and asked for advice on what to do. Needless to say we got NO advice. Just instructed to come into the ER should we get a temperature above 99F, had difficulty breathing or if our condition got any worse. If we couldn’t self-drive they advised us to call 911 and request an ambulance. Or go to an Urgency Care office (which was closed anyway!) The medical part of this equation wasn’t comforting at all. Realistically, people, you’re on your own both food wise, medical supply wise and emergency care wise.

I tried to make a joke: I had meds for the night, meds for the day and meds for after hours (E’Dolce Amaretto). Nothing worked!

Needles to say, the OTC meds really didn’t help much. My throat was raw and extremely sore and painful. I tried sipping an alcoholic-based liquor, just to soothe my throat and get rid of the pain. It didn’t work out too well. My sister’s friend, who is a pharmacist, recommended I take Mucinex DM 12 hr relief, and that was the only OTC product that helped! Within 5 minutes after taking the recommended dose, my coughing was gone, my nose cleaned up and I felt 1000% better!! BUT, and there is always that ‘but’….as the pill wore off, my conditions came back and I needed to take another pill to get some relief. The only way I am able to be typing this post right now, is thanks to Mucinex. Otherwise, I’d be incoherent. If I’m not making much sense, just pardon me this one time.

Neither hubby nor myself are out of the woods yet. I hope to finally get in touch with my doctor on Tuesday. There probably isn’t much she can do for me at this point. We have to ride it out. Both my husband and myself were double vaxxed and single boosted. Once we are in the clear, we’ll get our second booster.

We probably have another week or two to get through. Hubby already spoke with his doctor so he’s under good care. Again, let me reiterate: make sure you have a well stocked pantry, frozen prepared foods that you can just pop into the microwave (trust me, you’ll be hungry but you will not have the energy to cook). Stock up on needed prescriptions and any medical supplies you think you’ll need. Make sure you have a network of friends, family, neighbors who can both check in on you and also go shopping should the need be. I also started ordering again from WalMart and Amazon for any grocery items or dry goods that we might need. WalMart was fantastic with the next day delivery BUT they got one order really messed up and some of the things we needed were delayed. This means that the stores are having staff issues, as well as problems with shipping and the USPS. It’s better if you don’t have to rely on these companies when trouble hits because they might not be as reliable as you remember.

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