I’m finding out more and more, that having been vaccinated and boosted is no guarantee I’m not going to contract and become infected with covid-19. As this CBS interview reveals (click here) with several well known medical ‘experts’, covid-19 cases are starting to accelerate this spring (and into summer) at a rapid pace.

It serves to illustrate a tricky reality facing health authorities amid the latest COVID-19 wave: even many boosted Americans are vulnerable to catching and spreading the virus, at a time when officials are wary of reimposing pandemic measures like mask requirements.

“During this Omicron wave, we’re seeing an increased number of mild infections — at-home type of infections, the inconvenient, having a cold, being off work, not great but not the end of the world. And that’s because these Omicron variants are able to break through antibody protection and cause these mild infections,” John Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College, told CBS News.

As of early last week, I fell ill to the Omicron variant and like John Moore stated, I was very ill (body aches, chills, running nose and nasty, croupy coughing) but not the end of the world sick. Doesn’t matter what Moore stated, I was sick as a dog and thought my eminent death was near. Today, a full ten days afterward and this is the first day I don’t need pain killers for the aches and I don’t need OTC meds for my consistent, violent coughing. I am still, however extremely weak. It takes almost all my effort just to get off the couch and walk ten steps to the bathroom.

The consensus is clear: you MUST wear an N-95 mask when out in public (especially when in a crowd), you still must continue to disinfect your hands and/or wash your hands whenever out and about and truthfully and realistically, if you can stay home inside your abode, do it permanently. Thanks to modern technology, you can get many things personally delivered to your home so why venture out if you don’t have to? This virus isn’t going away and regardless of what anyone tells me, I don’t believe a word they say.

The coronavirus (and all its constant changing variants) are here to stay and you will contract it eventually regardless of your vaccinated status or booster count (which BTW, are only good for 6 months or so). This is a man-made virus and truly, no one is certain about any of it. Even if you were fortunate enough to be medicated with Paxlovid, there’s a 2% chance you will get a rebound of the virus. Trust me. After going through my first bout of covid-19 I would rather stick needles in my eyes than go through this misery. I’ll wear a mask, wash my hands and stay at home as much as possible in order to avoid contracting this virus once again.

My life is forever changed. All our lives have been forever changed. I have friends who really don’t give a sh**t anymore. They said they are just going to go out and enjoy life and do as they darn well please. Really? You can say that when you’re fit and well. But when you come down with covid-19, your tune will change. No amount of dare devil living would make me ever jeopardize my good health ever again. It’s NOT worth it. That’s why I am thankful that I lived my whole life well. I never waited to do things in retirement that I couldn’t do in real time. In other words, I didn’t wait. I learned that from my mother’s early death. She took her first vacation 3 weeks into her retirement and died maybe nine months later of a rare cancer. She gave up her whole life thinking she was financially smart. Turns out, she wasn’t.

I’m just happy I am back sitting in my favorite chair, out on my deck, in my back yard, overlooking my 3.5 acres, listening to the birds while reading my freebie books from the library while sipping on a decaf iced tea. Ladies and gents, my life couldn’t get any better than all that! Thank you God, for everything!

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