The new (corrupt) inflation rates were released today and the message is clear:! The three most vital elements to sustain livability: shelter, gasoline (energy) and food have skyrocketed to highs never before seen in any human’s lifetime. At this rate, realistically, as more and more people tap into their savings or rack up credit card debt just to buy the basics, people really will be going broke and may find themselves homeless and sleeping in their cars. Provided those cars haven’t been repossessed!

Remember when I, your humble blogster, used to brag that I was living on $2,500 a month ($30,000 a year)? Fast forward to today, and my same lifestyle, just to exist, has gone up $1,000 a month to $3,500 or roughly $42,000 a year (and some change). Where have I been coming up with the extra $12,000 I need just to maintain my existence? I’m fortunate enough that my (retired) husband is well enough to go back to work (at 65 years of age). But for how long? One of his clients already lost a big contract so his scheduled fall work has been cancelled. We’re only surviving by NOT tapping into our savings account simply because DH has been fortunate enough to earn at least $1,000 a month. But our bills keep going up and up and up every single month. When I open the mail, every one of our bills has increased. The only way we’ve been able to afford these increases is due to two things: cut backs and eliminations. Eventually (and sooner than I thought) we’re going to run out of things to cut and/or eliminate. The extra $1,000 a month may not be enough. I don’t think hubby can work any longer or harder. We may have to start tapping in to our savings and/or racking up credit card consumer debt. Eventually we will find out, as well as all the rest of the people, that the end is near.

So why is all of this happening? You can’t blame President Joe Biden 100% for this calamity (even though he is 100% responsible) Our biggest threat to civility is the Progressive Liberal Green Energy agenda. In their quest to make America non-reliant on fossil fuels they are pushing all of us into extinction. They don’t give a rat’s ass who they are hurting nor destroying in their asinine quest to transform America. Sadly (or happily) come this November, Biden and his ilk will be voted out of office and hopefully some semblance of world order will be restored by the new (Republican) administration. The first thing they need to do is restore the XL Pipeline (as this was the first domino to befall our civilization). They probably will also restore Nuclear Power (as France learned, it’s one of the best options and NOT as dangerous as we were mislead to believe). Solar and windmills can not sustain American big cities like Chicago, LA and NYC. If you were forced to buy an electric car, our current electric grids can not sustain you either. Electric trucks can not deliver the goods nor move supply across American highways. Although the EV concept may have been a nice concept, it isn’t and will never be sustainable AT THIS TIME. The green people jumped the gun (sorry for the pun) too soon and perhaps destroyed their green futures permanently. There could have been a more civil way to do the transition. We are NOT Afghanistan. You just can’t leave millions and millions of We The People behind to suffer and possibly die!

Our only hope right now is to hold on till the November 2024 election. Once the Republicans take back the house and senate, they will be able to stop Biden from doing any more damage to our lives. Anyone who does not believe this is just more part of the problem. There are correct and incorrect ways to get things done in life. Creating life threatening hardships to human beings gets absolutely nothing done. No good ever comes out of evil. And yes, the current greenies are evil, evil people. To stand by and let people starve, freeze to death, be unable to get proper medical care, keep a roof over their head, food on the table, energy to heat or air condition their homes, power their vehicles are just plain evil. History has shown that: NO GOOD WILL EVER COME TO EVIL PEOPLE.

Look at the faces of these people, as they wait on line to buy food. Do they seem happy to you? The Green Progressive Liberals have brought disastrous effects on We The People in their asinine attempt to save the planet. They have NO regard for human life, for human suffering. NO GOOD WILL EVER COME TO THEM!

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