Say what you want about beef, but there in nothing better in the summer (IMHO) than a thick, juicy steak, cooked to perfection on the outdoor BBQ grill. So imagine my surprise when our local supermarket advertised this fantastic price-per-pound for a NY strip steak: $5.99. In case you weren’t aware, inflation has caused many a person to forgo steaks (at oftentimes $15.99 a pound, and still rising). The sale started this Sunday. Hubby and I got there as early as we could: 9:30 AM, and this is what we saw:

The steak sale section was completely sold out on the first day of sale. 9:30AM.
This is the registered sale flyer.

Needless to say, hubby and I spoke with the butcher. He said he had a few more steaks but he’d have to cut them. He told us to wait. Wait we did. Almost 45 minutes. The butcher brought out only 5 packages. We bought 2. Each package held 4 steaks each, so that was a total of 8 steaks, at the sale price of $5.99 a pound, which meant it cost us a total of $34, or roughly $4.25 a steak. That’s a fantastic price BUT you still had to have at least $17 to afford one package of the steaks, despite the super sale.

We were able to score two packages of the steaks (4 to a pac) for a total amount of roughly $34 (OUCH!)BTW, the chicken quarters were .69 cents a pound. Cans of tuna were $1 a can.
I kept 2 steaks out for that night’s dinner. I froze the remaining 6 steaks, 2 to a pac for later summer meals.
hubby seasoned and cooked both steaks out on our grill
It looks as good as it tasted. PERFECT!!
There was nothing but bones left on my plate. Sad as it might seem, it was worth every single hard-earned penny. Who would ever think that steaks could ever be so precious?

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