Frank Luntz, renown statistics king, is making a prediction that come July 4th, one of the three largest spending holidays of America, We The People will see an inflation ‘absolute explosion’ when it comes time for us to do our holiday shopping. The price of burgers, hot dogs, rolls, picnics, pasta salads, paper plate, paper napkins, sun tan lotion, vacations, hotel rooms, gasoline is going to be felt by EVERYONE. Rich or poor. White or Black. Legal or illegal. Whatever anyone is going to buy to get ready to celebrate this corrupt patriotic holiday is going to be a game changer. That’s according to Frank Luntz and all the investigative reporting he always accurately does.

Don’t believe me? Here give a look (at least we will know if Frank’s prediction is accurate because July 4th is right around the corner)

Let me make my own predictions. Biden says he’s thinking of reducing the price of gasoline by eliminating the .16 cents per gallon federal tax. Do you really think .16 cents less a gallon is going to help you with your $6 a gallon gasoline? What about diesel? What about the ability to transport food, supplies, essentials and deliver the goods to people like you and me? What about airplane fuel? Think airports are in chaos now? Wait……..things can only get better worse as time goes by. And what will the .16 cent reduction have on the price of food, medical supplies and things like toilet paper? (which I wish the greenies would just shove it up their arse).

My prediction is if the Democrats think January 6th was nerve racking, wait until they experience the next January 6th which probably won’t happen on a January 6th. More like a July 6th. Already there are riots in other countries experiencing high inflation. I predict those riots will be coming to a government location somewhere in the D.C. area. You won’t find me there, however. I’ll be back on the range streaming it off my iPhone from the comfort of my own rocking chair on my front porch. Laughing.

People used to call me stupid. Not any more. Can you imagine being part of the elitist crowd, getting those million dollar Ivy League educations and being pompous enough to think you could rule the fuel? Ain’t nobody that stupid. And yet, there they are. Turning off the tap to fossil fuels, thinking everyone would run out and spend $90,000 to get themselves an electric car (Electric power plants have to be powered by coal. China recently built 265 additional coal power plants. How many has America built? None. America shut them down. How ingenious.) The greenies didn’t think of diesel, which runs just about everything. They didn’t think about the trillion dollar RV industry. They didn’t plan for the supply chain issues. In fact, they didn’t plan for anything. They just thought that if they shut down the XL Pipeline, life on Planet Earth would fall neatly into place and be sunflowers and granola bars.

Well, it ain’t!

This photo should be revised and show people’s middle fingers. Not full hands.

The Fourth of July is supposed to represent Independence Day. Are you feeling independent? Or are you feeling uncomfortable begging the government to release you from the financial burden you all have been carrying lately (that the government put there in the first place)? Are you happy about all the pain and suffering the government has levied against its people simply as a way to control them? Are you glad to hear many parents are going without eating so that their children can be fed? Are you proud hearing about the cancellations many drivers must now do so that there is enough gas in the car tank so they can continue to work and/or drive their kids to the doctors office? To school? Are you happy hearing about all the businesses that must now close because they can’t get supplies, can’t afford wholesale foods and beverages, can’t find healthy employees? Are you filled with glee when you learn people can’t heat their homes in the winter or keep their homes cool in the summer? Forget about homes, are you happy finding out many renters can’t afford their rent for much longer and may be evicted in the near future and living in their cars or in tents on the streets?

This July 4th 2022 may be the perfect opportunity for you to take a step back and really, really look at America and what it has become? Where have all those thousands and thousands (possibly millions) of illegal immigrants resettling? Are they your new next door neighbors? How are they affording rents and buying homes but you, the American citizen, can not? They have baby formula and paid rooms over their heads. Do you?

I predicted this scene before and I’ll make the prediction again. America (as it stands now) reminds me of the final scene of the original Planet Of The Apes movie. When Charlton Heston realized (fifty-four years ago) he wasn’t on a new planet after all. His horror was realizing he had been in America all the while and the apes had taken over. “I’m home” Charlton started to say. “All the time”……”You maniacs!!” Charlton screamed. “You blew it up! God dam you all to hell!” he continued to scream.

Yup. My sentiments. Exactly. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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