From the moment I woke up this morning, I was on a roll. I mopped the whole first floor floors (kitchen, dining, living room, bedroom and office!). Then I scrubbed out the bathtub and the bathroom. Next I deep cleaned the kitchen and set up my new dinnerware in the cabinets. Lastly, I even shampooed and blow dried my dog! After a hectic day like that I wanted to go out to eat dinner because I was just too tired to cook. I was in the mood for a great big salad. So, I looked online at our favorite restaurant (local diner) and priced out their Greek salad. The salads were $12.99 each (times two equals $25.98) Add in the tax of $2.14 and a $4.22 tip (at 15% which is low) and a dinner out for a great big salad came to $32.34.


Screen shot right out of their menu

I’m certain hubby would have wanted a seltzer ($2.50) and I’m certain I would have wanted a coffee (decaf @$2.25). Don’t even get me started on their famous rice pudding. With whipped creme!!

It was 4 o’clock and we didn’t have fresh salad in the house. In the time it would have taken us to drive to the diner, order our food, wait for our food, get served, eat and linger, hubby and I jumped into our car and drove to Aldi and went shopping instead. By 5:15, our dinner was served, at our home, for like pennies instead of dollars!

The spring mix was $4.89 for 16 oz. We used 1oz per salad=.26cents per ounce

The organic plum tomatoes were $2.89 divided by 20 =.05 cents/tomato. Each salad used 3=.15cents

The feta cheese was $2.99 for 8 oz. We used one ounce per salad=.37 cents

Kalamata olives I had on hand. 5 olives per salad =.65 cents

One cucumber for .79 cents, we used 1/4 of the cuke=.18 cents

1/8 of a red onion, minced =.23 cents

One radish, sliced thin @ no charge =.00 cents

Greek salad dressing @$2.49 divided by 8 servings =.31 cents per serving

Each salad cost us $2.15. That totals to $4.30 for two salads, as pictured above.

Hubby made us each a wine spritzer. Again, the costs are negligible since he used very little wine and a lot of seltzer. So, should we have eaten out or should we have eaten in? Which one do you think we chose? After dinner, we settled in front of our flat screen, smart TV and streamed a few good movies off of Amazon Prime. We got Prime free for 30 days. I’ve marked my calendar on when I need to cancel in time so that I avoid any charges. In the interim, my house is sparkling clean, as is my little doggie. We had a great dinner and Prime has a bunch of movies we haven’t seen. Yet.

Have a great weekend!

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