Now, more than ever, each of us are interested in saving money. So, naturally we are looking for tips. There’s a treasure trove out there just jam packed with people touting money saving techniques they either just discovered or have been using for years. Some of them are old school (meaning everyone should know about them) and some of them are new and energetic. Either way, I’ll be paying most attention to all of them, new, tried-and-true or otherwise.

Even though I consider myself a frugal expert, I don’t know everything. If ever I come across a money saving hint that I think is smart and savvy, I’d like to share it with you.

A good tip I got the other day has to do with shower curtain liners. For years I’ve been forced to buy plastic shower liners. Even though I try to bleach and scrub a few-months-old shower liner, I can never get out the mold and mildew the liner attracts no matter how hard I scrub or which cleaning agent I use. I always have to buy a new liner eventually. In the past, these liners were $3.00 at WalMart, so it wasn’t a biggie. Today, some of those tried-and-true liners are doubling in price and costing upwards of $6.00.

This is a plastic shower liner, in clear plastic

The other day, again, my plastic shower curtain liner had to be replaced. The new price was $5.99 and I very reluctantly bought another liner because I could no longer keep the old liner as clean as I would like it. I estimated that I probably bought a new plastic shower curtain liner every 3 months. At $6.00 times 4 purchases a year, the total comes out to $24 annually. The white shower curtain that currently hangs in my bathroom is the same one I bought 21 years ago when I first moved here (white is a ‘color’ that lasts forever IMHO). It’s a thick cotton material and comes out beautifully when machine washed. I calculated that my liner replacements must have cost me $504 just on shower curtain liners alone!!!

The other day, while watching some of my fave frugal journeyers, I came across a frugal hack that stated that shower curtain liners actually come in waterproof materials that can be machine washed when stained with mold and mildew. SAY WHAT?? Liners made out of cloth? Waterproof? Machine washable? I had no idea. Sure enough, I logged onto WalMart’s website and there they were: waterproof material shower curtains for under $10!!!

Needless to say, I bought me one and now I never have to buy another plastic liner for the next twenty-one years!!! What a great savings!!

I lifted my shower curtain to show you my new, waterproof material shower liner. Everything is in white. Wrinkles extra!!

Note: From time to time, I’ll post any unique money savings technique that I think you’d be interested in. In the mean time, if any of you have a special money saving hack you consider of good value to our readers here, please feel free to share!

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