I’m no stranger to generic products. In addition to the money you save by buying a generic product vs a brand name is that sometimes the generic product is manufactured by the brand name. Companies compete against themselves! In other words, they want both purchasing customers: those that will only purchase a trusted brand name and those who don’t care about status but more about the cost of the product within.

I’ve been buying generics from the day I got my first paycheck. Over the years I’ve saved quite a lot of money without much sacrifice in quality. Today, with inflation, I would advise to at least try out a few generics and see if you like them. Sometimes, you may even prefer them.

These are two of my top generic used beauty products. They work great!

Did you know that WalMart has a fine line of generic beauty products under the name ‘Equate’. Household products are under the name ‘Mainstay’. Figure out what brand name products you normally use and then do a search for the generic counterpart on the WalMart website.

I like using Oil of Olay as a moisturizer for my face and neck. But at $8.69 for 4 ounces, I can buy the generic Equate brand for $4.97 and get 6 ounces. That’s like getting 2 more ounces for free on top of the reduced price. That’s a keeper for me! Plus I am saving $3.72 per purchase which comes to around $22.32 annually while also getting 12 ounces free! That’s the equivalent of two extra brand name bottles.

Ditto for Neutrogena Wrinkle Creme. Walmart’s Equate brand sells the same formula for a much lower price of $10.72 for 1 ounce vs $24.97 for the Neutrogena brand name. That’s a savings of $14.25 as per each purchase, which I do around every other month. Annually I’m saving approximately $85.50.

Note: Not to brag but I get a lot of compliments on my face. I have very little wrinkles. Geez….I wonder why? I’m using good quality products at fair market and honest prices. For me, using generics is a win-win situation. Try it. You may like it. If not, you could often get your money back. Good luck!

What generic products have you switched to and swear they work just as well?

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