Our electricity came back on around 9AM. As a coincidence, since we knew some thunderstorms were coming our way, luckily hubby had just purchased some gas and filled up the generator in expectance of a heavy storm and possible power outages. So, we were prepared.

Since my husband is an electrician, he had rigged a generator system into our home that all he had to do was pull out our generator from the shed and plug it into a new exterior port hubby had installed on the outside of our house. Once connected, the generator would power up the fridge and extra basement freezer, so that none of our expensive food would spoil. Next came the well, hot water and heating system (good only in the winter). Next came the kitchen. Hubby made sure we had an outlet available to run the coffee maker and the microwave. NOT the stove. Too power demanding! Plus we have an outside propane grill to cook up any meat, poultry or leftovers (in a cast-iron pan). The last thing hubby hooked up was our TV, modem and internet access. Gotta be able to stream a movie or watch the local stations to occupy our time while waiting for the electricity to come back on. Ditto for internet connections. That’s how we kept up with the storm status. Plus we had an outlet to keep our phones and tablets charged. Big Bonus: we keep some cash in the house just in case the stores’ electricity went down also. We are able buy and do business if necessary.

Thankfully, our power went out at the end of a vicious heat wave. If this had happened a day earlier, we would have suffered. Hubby wired the generator to run our fans but NOT the air conditioning (too much of a power draw). Whew! So, we were able to keep our cool. Literally.

We had enough canned food in the house to heat up quickly in the microwave, so meals weren’t a problem. It was great to get up this AM and have a hot cup of coffee and microwaveable oatmeal with brown sugar. Until you lose your power you forget what’s important. What isn’t. We know from experience that we could be without electricity for days. Possible weeks. In any event, we were ready.

As soon as our electricity went out, I fast dialed out electric company and let them know. They have a system, whereby they text you as they progress. I kept getting status updates that restitution was in progress but unresolved. Hubby keeps a special light in observance and when it goes on, we know our power has been restored.

Generator unplugged. Stored back into the shed. Hubby checked out all systems. All systems are a go. A/C is back on, so the humidity is lessening in the house. Another calamity averted.

We get to live another day.