We’ve had several weeks up here with temps hitting and staying in the high 90s. We’ve also had several weeks of no rain. What does this all mean? A water shortage. If a home here is connected to the county water supply, they’ve been advised to curtail their water usage. If however, you’re a homeowner with a well, as we are, you’re on your own.

We built a man-made pond on our property to handle the spring and early fall water run-offs from the mountain. Otherwise our property would flood. Our pond, however, is a great indicator of how our under ground well is doing. If the pond is low our well water level is similarly low. We use the pond level as a gauge. When we see that the pond level is low we know to go easy on our home water usage.

I took this photo of our pond level two weeks ago but I can assure you our level is even lower than pictured. We estimated our pond level is down 4 feet and that is a dangerous position to be in. If we’re not careful and use to much water, our well walls could collapse. We’d be forced to re-drill our well and that can be thousands and thousands of dollars. So we are conserving water as much as humanely possible.

Our pond today is lower than pictured here by at least another two feet (total 4-5 ft)

No more baths. Maybe a quick five minute shower once or twice a week. Laundry must be a full load, as also the dishwasher and both can only be done perhaps once or twice per week. We’ve purchased cases of bottled water and are drinking those instead of from our tap. We do have a whole house water filter but at these low levels we can’t trust anything. We’re just waiting it out. Perhaps the winter snows will help us. But in the interim we’re just riding out the drought and hoping for the best. Occasionally it does rain, which is great for our vegetable garden. The rain however, has been light and has been no benefit to our well or pond.

Just another thing we must contend with (in addition to inflation, high energy/fuel costs and the exorbitant prices we are paying for ordinary foods).

Life in America sure is getting harder and harder.

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