To those of you who know me and know my story, you’ll be bored to death yet once again as I repeat myself. But to all of you newcomers, who don’t know my past or anything about me, perhaps my story can help you get through the economic crisis we are again going through today.

Back in 2001, I lost my computer business after four years. The first three years, my computer sales were good. The fourth year however, the year of The Dot Com Disaster in 2000-2001, I could barely do $500 a week, let alone for the year. I was able, however, to sell my company to another computer giant for $350K but when they went to close the deal, that’s when the dot com disaster hit and all mergers and acquisitions were off. That included me. My sale was not going to happen. No one was buying computers anymore and many of the internet companies went out of business!

So, there I was, heavily in debt, unable to pay my bills, and one by one almost all of my assets were seized (boat & car). All my savings and checking account money was confiscated. I was facing a slew of lawsuits. To say I was in dire straights would be an understatement. I was however, fortunate (thanks be to God) to sell and close on my beloved home of 16 years, one day before it went in to foreclosure. From the proceeds of that home (after I paid off my debts, lawyers and accountants) I had a fair amount of money left over to just barely re-start my life.

The lessons I have learned since that dark day in 2001 have been my salvation. Strange as it may seem, but my life changed for the better. I came to realize that I didn’t really own anything. I was living a rented lifestyle and I vowed right there and then that I would never take on debt ever again. I also knew (and learned) that I was going to be living a much poorer lifestyle moving forward. And I was fine with that. The only thing I ever asked of God was to at least let me keep some sort of dignity. I never wanted to feel ashamed of myself going forward. And I never have.

I re-started my life in another part of the state in a much lower cost-of-living area. I bought some land for cash, had a custom, modular home erected on said land (only 4 rooms @1120 sq ft). I managed to scrape up enough leftover cash to buy two used vehicles for hubby and I to drive (to our new jobs) and I planted two seedling IRA retirement accounts with the remaining cash for hubs and I as a good start.

That was twenty-one years ago and I have never looked back. I have never been back in debt. I’ve never bounced a check or even been overdrawn at the bank for a microsecond. I built back my credit score from zero to 820 (ditto for hubby) and we’ve learned to live on $25K a year (in today’s dollars, thanks to inflation, that number has climbed to about $35K)….down from $100K a year (in 2001 dollars).

My husband and I somehow made it through 2001 The Dot Com Disaster, as well as The Housing Crisis of 2008. I consider ourselves ‘blessed’ as we continue on our path, passing through the great Pandemic Economic Collapse of 2020 (and still going on). If I say times were often tough, I’d be sugar coating our experience. My husband was out of work for 2.5 years and I was always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t hold a job for more than a few months. My weakness (PTSD), however, never stopped me from trying. Eventually I found a part-job I could tolerate. Ditto for hubby. He found a good paying, full-time job and the two of us kept our heads low and our belief in God very high.

Why am I telling you all of this? Why do I keep repeating my story over and over again? That is because many of you are going to find yourself in the same predicament. For whatever reason, you’ll either lose your job, lose your investments and thanks in part to the rising inflation rate of 20% you’re not going to be able to pay your bills, keep a roof over your head nor put food on the table.

Ford is eyeing major cuts to its workforce in the midst of a shift to electric vehicles. According to a recent report in Bloomberg, the Blue Oval is gearing up to lay off 8,000 salaried workers — about a quarter of its workforce in the US — as it aims to reduce $3 billion in operational costs by 2026.

Target’s profit fell 90% as it got rid of excess merchandise this summer. Target reported a 90% drop in profit as it lowered prices to whittle down its inventory.

My gut is telling me the economy is in crisis and a complete collapse, to me, appears to be imminent. We are constantly being lied to (covid, inflation rates, employment rate) and if we’re not smart enough to realize these falsehoods we may find ourselves in a lot of trouble. We’ve been taught that if we want to solve our money woes, we need to make more and more money. That’s not true anymore. As this country barrels towards more socialists policies, anyone who is making money will become a target.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself why in The Inflation Reduction Act, the government plans to hire 87,000 more IRS agents? Click here for more info. Hiring policies include an IRS agent’s ability to be armed and dangerous. If that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, I don’t know what else can. There are only 1,000 billionaires living in the US right now. People who earn over $400,000, as the govt expressed they are auditing, aren’t as many as there used to be before the pandemic hit. So, who in God’s name are those IRS agents coming after? If there ever was a determent NOT to earn more money, the threat of a future IRS audit would close any gap you were pondering.

You’d have to be a fool now if you want to be rich. There’s a money target on your back. The more you make the more ‘they’ want to take away. It’s better to be poor and have your own life than be rich and live in fear of someone seizing your money away.

If you are going to lose your house soon or have your cars repossessed sooner, let them take them away. If you are going to default on your credit cards, then go ahead, default! They’re doing you a favor. They’re breaking you free of the bondage that once suffocated you. You’ll either be forced to downsize to a more affordable (to you) level or you’ll be doing it voluntarily. Either way, no one can get blood out of a stone. You might think you’ve fallen on hard times. I say, count your blessings (they’re in there!) and be done with it once and for all.

The most valuable lesson I learned in life, after I was kicked down to near zero, was learning to prioritize and figure out what was important to me and my survival. Learn to take care of your four walls (as Dave Ramsey puts it, click here). Get a roof over your head. Put food on that table. Pay your utility bills and either drive a paid-for car or take public transportation. It’s also perfectly fine to wear 2nd hand-me-down clothes. No designer threads needed where we are going.

Irwin Gershwin said it best in his musical ‘Porgy and Bess‘. Gershwin wrote a song entitled ‘I Got Plenty O’Nuttin‘ and if you listen to the words closely, you’ll understand why being poorer today just may be your lucky day. I’m glad I’m not rich anymore. I’ve been poorer for over twenty-one years now and in retrospect, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Seek out The Lord and ask Him to help you get through your trials and financial tribulations. He’ll set you upon a rock that will bring you more joy and happiness. The kind of joy and happiness you have never felt before.