I find it a bit disconcerting that when I go shopping now, if an item is out of stock, I just shrug it off. Just another day in paradise. Maybe it’s because of a supply chain issue. Or maybe they just don’t have the darn item anymore and they have no idea if and when it will ever come back into stock. It is what it is, mam’. If I didn’t know any better (as it’s the year 2022. not 1929) I’d swear I was living back in the days of ‘The Great Depression’.

I find myself saving things now. Is it because of the shortages? Or is it just another habit to form and get used to? Is it a survival skill? I’ve been saving tags, clips, plastic bags and paper coffee cups. Why? It wasn’t until I did this (see photo below) that I realized I really was living back in The Great Recession. Apparently several of the grocery stores I frequent have been out of plastic products i.e. plastic freezer and storage bags. So, I’ve been subconsciously saving produce plastic bags (and ties). But when I realized I was now saving plastic bread bags, just like they did back then, I knew my reality really had turned into The Great Depression:

I’m now storing my cooked foods in re-usable plastic bread bags. Why? My grocery store has been out of plastic storage bags for weeks!

The final clue came when I viewed our pond this morning. The water level is almost fully down to the bottom of the pond. That means our water well is as low also. Doesn’t this remind you of the awful drought that happened out west during the actual Great Depression?

The arrow is pointing to the actual floor bottom of the pond. There is very little water left. I have no idea what happened to all the turtles, the ducks, the frogs and the eels who all lived inside that pond!

The stores are loaded with rows and rows of clearance racks:

I’ve seen racks of merchandize with signs stating 90% off! Better than going to Goodwill and buying used!

Even my fave grocery store is practically giving away food that hasn’t sold. These ready-made salads sell for $2.99. They were marked with $2.00 off which means the salads cost me only .99 cents. (I added the chick peas to make it a bit more healthy)

Maybe I’m not living in the days of The Great Depression but I am most certainly living in The Twilight Zone!

What’s real and what isn’t?