My decision came from experience. It wasn’t from an article I read or a person I spoke with. It came from experience. And we all know what people say about experience? It’s the best teacher. The best teacher of all.

Back in the 1990s I was hired by a 100% Democrat law firm to work in their accounting department as a Budget Administrator. The work week consisted of 35 hours of paid employment and 5 hours a week unpaid as your lunch time. My hourly rate was $15 an hour (after 6 years of a 10 year employment run). At $525 a week, I had two kids to raise, a variable rate mortgage that adjusted every year from 6% as the lowest to 15% as the highest. (Guess where that mortgage interest rate would usually be?) a husband and two financed cars to maintain. Hubby worked but we never made more than $70,000 per year, combined.

So, there I was, in this sea of Democrats, who wizzed by me on a daily basis and would often lure me into their offices to gossip about the latest Republican scandal. I was a registered Independent. From the time I could legally vote, I’ve been a registered Independent. At the law firm, I was their token Independent. The partners knew the political leanings of every single individual that ever passed through their recently re-modeled front doors.

How do I know I was working for a 100% Democrat law firm? Because the senior partner’s wife (I will not mention any names here) was responsible for the successful election of Hillary Clinton to NYS as State Senator. When Bill Clinton was elected president a first and second time, the top four senior partners of the law firm (and their respective wives) were invited to Clinton’s Inaugural Balls. (it was the talk of the water cooler). What else was a give-a-way? When the senior partner died, both Hillary Clinton and Bill, arrive at the funeral by helicopter, landing right there in the richest area in all the United States Of America (the Hamptons) to give the eulogy over our beloved founder of our prestigious law firm.

Sorry, dudes and dudettes. You can’t get any more Democrat than that!

It gets worse. When Mario Cuomo, a Democrat politician, was running for NY governor a third time in 1994, my boss (the senior partner) came over to my desk to ask me who I was going to vote for in the upcoming election. Note: Mario Cuomo is the father of Andrew Cuomo, who also ran for several terms as the NYS Governor, until he had to resign when it was exposed that Andy was a liar, cheat, corrupt and a womanizer. Oh well.) When I told my boss that I hadn’t made up my mind yet, he nudged me and said “Come on. Mario Cuomo is Italian, just like you. He’s like your brother. Your uncle. He’s part of your family. You have to vote for another Italian.” My immediate reply was ‘dude’ (insert real first name here), “If that were true, then if John Gotti (the infamous mobster, who eventually rotted and died in jail guilty of racketeering) ran for governor, I would vote for him too?”

I thought it made perfect reasonable, logical sense? Apparently my boss didn’t think so. He left in a huff. He didn’t speak to me for 3 months. I guess that was because Mario Cuomo lost out to a Republican Governor, George Pataki. The year was 1994 and we were just getting started.

I guess the finality of it all came when Mr. Boss called me into his office, along with my (very jealous, female) supervisor. He told me, after ten years, it was time for me to move on. I was very talented and smart, he said and I could utilize my expertise somewhere else. Funny how it all happened. Just the week prior, I had been at a cocktail party and met a labor attorney. I was telling him how lately my boss and supervisor were acting strange. “They’re trying to force you out” came my experienced labor attorney’s observation. Apparently while my supervisor was out on year-long maternity leave, I took over her office duties. Somehow, I managed to do them better than she did and upon her return, her first request was to get me out!

I won’t go into detail. But when I told my boss right there and then, that I had retained the services of a labor attorney (from another county) my boss picked up the conference table phone, threw it at me and told me to get my attorney on the phone. The rest, as they say, is history. I got a great settlement, letter of recommendation and then went on to open up the first 100% Apple Computer retail store and guess who were forced to be my customers for the next four years!!? That whole entire law firm, who at the time had around 44 employees.

Funny how life turns out?

The exit strategy that perplexed me the most was how hard and vicious my soon-to-be ex-boss was about my collecting unemployment benefits. After all, the guy did fire me. He even threw the phone at my face to emphasize how fast I should exit the back door. My ex-boss had a 100% rate of NEVER having to pay any ex-employee unemployment benefits. This kept the firm’s unemployment tax rate artificially low, low, low. Nothing like a 100% Democrat Company NOT paying their taxes or their fair share. They’ll tell the whole America that they’re there to help you through all the rough patches in life, like giving out unemployment benefits, disability checks, FEMA benefits, medical care and the like. It’s amazing how they get all of this done on other people’s tax money. NOT their own. Somehow, they just don’t qualify or manage to pay taxes.

When I realized the ambiguity, the hypicritical ways the Democrats worm their way out of a vital American responsiblity, such as paying their taxes, their fair share and at least provide their former, 10 year, outstanding employee, at least a few weeks of unemployment benefits until she got back on her feet again (after all I had 2 teen kids, a husband, a mortgage, two car loans and a partridge in a pear tree) it would have been the nicest, legal thing they could have done.

A judge had to order them.

I never voted Democrat again.