I’m not talking about one or two distinct loaves of bread gone missing. I’m talking about complete empty shelves where almost all of the bread is missing. That’s what I found this week at my local Aldi store.

Other than a few straggly loaves, there was NO bread on the shelves this week.

There were NO hamburger rolls and only a few cases of hot dog rolls. Considering this was a holiday weekend and the last time we’d be BBQing for a while, it was a disappointing bummer to say the least. So, where’s the bread?

Why is bread in short supply?

It’s because of labor shortages and supply-chain issues, from food manufacturers to grocery stores. There simply aren’t enough people to “make the goods, move the goods and sell the goods,” says Jim Dudlicek, a representative for the National Grocers Association.

During the pandemic, we were worried also about not being able to get bread, so I stocked up on a bevy of McArthur flours. I’ve been storing whole grain wheat, whole grain white, bread flour, sourdough flour and regular, plain white wheat flour for 2 years in my freezer! I rememberer during the pandemic I had to wait almost two months for my order. (BTW, flour lasts forever in the freezer IMHO).

Time to get those flours out of my freezer and in to a new bread machine I just bought (for 50% off. Originally priced at $89, but I got it for $49, plus I had a bunch of reward points I used towards the purchase bringing the total down to $45 and that includes tax. Free delivery!)

I used my saved-up reward points and got the unit for $45, including tax!

I used to own a bread machine. My MIL gave it to me as a gift one Christmas. Me, like a jerk used it for a while and then donated it to Goodwill because it was no longer a kitchen fashion trend. Now, I wish I still had it. Who knew that buying bread today would be such a dilemma? And expensive! Have you looked at bread prices lately. Paying $4 to $5 for a loaf of whole wheat bread is insane! Thank goodness I even have flour and yeast (all stored neatly in my freezer) because it looks like this winter we will have a shortage in wheat also.

Well, anyway, prepare to see oodles of images of all the quaint loaves of bread I’ll be making this fall and winter. My mind is already spinning. I’m dreaming of cinnamon raisin swirl. Whole wheat sourdough. Whole wheat with honey, seeds and raisins sounds even better.

Stay tuned!