I was fortunate this year to take two vacations. It was only possible because we have an RV and we stuck close to home. This kept down the fuel costs and thankfully we found campsites with still affordable prices. Anything under $50 a night is a good deal to us.

We also save money by vacationing off season. That’s one of the great benefits of being retired. Our first vacay was before July 4th up in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. The second vacay was right after Labor Day on the beaches of Newport Rhode Island. We found most things affordable except for one thing: restaurants. We could not fathom the unbelievable rise in the costs of restaurant meals.

For example: a basket of fried clams cost $10 last year. The same restaurant now charges $30 this year for that same basket. This was unacceptable to us, so we walked out. Thankfully our RV has a fully stocked, workable kitchen and for the same $30 we bought shrimp, a quart of clam chowder and a pound and a half of freshly caught sea bass. Enough for two days worth of dinners. It was sad that we couldn’t visit our old restaurant haunts. But we still ate fresh and affordable. The new New America.

We spent a lot of time at the beach. After Labor Day the beach parking is free. That’s a savings of $20/$30 a day! I’ll post some more pics and stories over the weeks. But for now, enjoy this magnificent sunset. It had just stopped raining and the sun broke out from the clouds. We walked that beach every single night!