Our current administration is living in La La Land. They think everything is fine and they tell us so each and every day. Do you believe them? How can you? You know things are bad. The stock market knows it. That why it’s down another 4%. How’s that working out for you? Gas prices may be down but how’s your grocery bill? Your energy bill? Your job? Your salary rate? How’s your retirement going?

Its bad out there and it’s going to get worse. How much worse? Read on.

A few days ago a mother of three, renting an apartment in Coney Island NY was facing eviction over non-payment of her $1400 rent. How did she solve her problem? She went to the beach and drowned her three children and is now charged with murder. Her youngest was only three months old. Does this sound dire enough for you? (google the fact) More and more people can not afford groceries or feed their family. Here’s the link here to that story. What is the current admin doing about the decline of American life and the degradation many of us are now facing? They’re having a celebration touting the recent passage of the Lower Inflation Act (which doesn’t lower inflation one iota) and James Taylor is preforming a concert entertaining them all.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re on your own. Crime is up. It’s a free for all with evil winning. No cop is coming to help you. Inflation is sky high. Every single thing is going to cost you more. You’re going to make due with less and less and less. When people stop buying, businesses stop hiring and eventually lay off their workforce. Restaurants are dying. WalMart and Amazon are cutting back. What’s coming is going to be worse than the Great Depression. So many of you out there are clueless. What are you going to do? Drown your children?

How are you going to prepare? Think I’m over reacting?

Only time will tell. Hopefully many of you will come to your senses by the time the November elections come along. Maybe then you’ll be convinced that your only last hope is your vote. Maybe then and only then you’ll get this current, delusional admin voted out of power. If not, you may be signing your own death warrant.

Have you ever known me to be so worried and concerned? It’s bad people. It’s bad.

God save America. Never mind the queen! God save us.