Here’s a rundown of what a 6 night, 7 day RV vacation at Newport, RI costs us. Not surprisingly, my biggest vacay costs were gas and tolls. Granted yes, we were hauling our super-lite RV but for only a seven day vacation, the costs were a bit disconcerting. We paid $37.40 in round trip tolls from my upstate home in New York to the beaches of Newport, Rhode Island. Those overhanging E-Z pass transponders were almost everywhere in my opinion. No more toll booths but that didn’t stop the Transit Authority from installing transponders that dipped into your wallet every few miles along the way!

Just enough room, for sure! The beach is a quick bicycle ride away.

Since we were towing, we spent $57 in gas each way and another $42 while on the island. I don’t include the cost of groceries in my vacation expenses because no matter where we are on the planet, we have to eat. Besides, there was an Aldi near by which came in handy when we ran out of milk, bread and eggs. Going out to restaurant was totally out of the question. We looked at menus on line (Thank God!) and the costs of some of our faves were just no longer affordable to us. (We’ve been vacationing in Newport almost every summer since 2005). We did, however, buy some raw fish at our favorite fish store. Shrimp, sea bass and calamari came to $51. We cooked it all inside our RV! Hubby did break down once and had a take-out sandwich for $10.59 which he later regretted. It wasn’t worth the money, he mumbled and it probably wasn’t. Since we booked our RV stay after Labor Day, prices for a full hook up dropped from $80 to $67, for a total of $402. That was a savings of $78.

We always vacay on the off season and off hours. Newport was no exception. The day after Labor Day most of the prices come down. Also, all the beach parking is now free. During the summer months daily parking at some of the beaches can go as high as $40, so we were very happy parking was now free. No lifeguards, but since we swim close to the shore as possible, that wasn’t a concern for us. Not paying for beach parking was a savings of approximately $150.

There were NO crowds. We had the beach all to ourselves!

All of the things we did were free. We went to the free beaches during the day and did our free walks in the late evening after dinner. We did the Bay Walk around Fort Adams (beautiful and lovely walk around the fort with a 100% ocean view, click here). We did the Cliff Walk around downtown Newport, again with a lovely view of the ocean AND the mansions! Click here for more info. We took a drive along Newport’s historic Ocean drive (while gazing at all those gorgeous mansions). At the end of the drive is another free state park, Brenton Point (click here) where many go to fly their kites (because the winds are so strong!) We even saw a group of horseback riders making their way onto one of the beaches! And some Newport bathers were wearing some very skimpy rear end bikinis (IMHO).

We couldn’t wander along the streets in downtown Newport as we usually do because there were a few boat shows and entertainment events (concerts) and we didn’t want to fight both the traffic and the crowds. So, we stayed along the Newport perimeters.

Here are some images I’d like to share. I end the slideshow with a quick video I made of hubby and our doggie while we sat on a bench at the Brenton Point State Park and stared out onto the vast ocean. (personally, I can do this for hours and NOT feel any guilt whatsoever!) Because we’ve been coming here for years, I’m not as camera crazed as I used to be. Many of the sights are timeless and only have been getting better with time. The ocean was crystal clear, the beaches super sandy and super clean……the fish was ah-maze-ing!! We had a delightful time and of course, “we’ll be back!” Our entire vacay costs us $657.19 for six nights/seven days.

The park bench view from Brenton Point State Park. I could sit here for hours and hours. And I did!

Special side note: I’m NOT letting the rising costs of gas, fuel, energy, food, restaurant meals, inflation etc stop me from enjoying my life. Today, we have to prioritize how we want to and can spend our money. Staying at a hotel or eating out in a restaurant is totally unaffordable to us. Our little RV, God bless her heart, can take us anywhere. And our little interior, fully equipped kitchen can prepare any meal we’d like. I thank the Lord up above for this tiny treasure.